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Man Is Attempting Guinness World Record For Most Yu-Gi-Oh! Tattoos

Man Is Attempting Guinness World Record For Most Yu-Gi-Oh! Tattoos

He's got 34 tattoos and is hoping that's enough to earn him a spot in the record book

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A fella is attempting to get himself a place in the Guinness World Records with his collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! tattoos, which he says could be the most in the world.

Liam O'Donovan, from Cork in Ireland, hopes to earn himself a spot in the iconic record book with his ink based upon the cartoon and card game.

Those of you born in the 80s and 90s will most likely remember the hugely popular series Yu-Gi-Oh! which still boasts an impressive worldwide fan base to this day.

However, few fans are willing to go to the lengths that Liam has - opting for a whopping 34 Yu-Gi-Oh! tattoos.

He told CorkBeo: "If you don't know what it is, it's a card game that came out in the early 2000s. Kids would've known what it is, their older brothers and sisters and the parents who bought the cards would know what it is.

"So, I decided after getting one Yu-Gi-Oh! card on me I should just keep going and I'm currently on 34." Fair enough.

Team Mambo

In a clip he filmed for YouTube channel Team Mambo, he revealed that his very first Yu-Gi-Oh! tattoo was Tuning Gum. As well as showing his love for the character in a permanent etching on his leg, he also has around 400 Tuning Gum cards.

Each of Liam's tattoo has a meaning to him - beyond just being a fan of the game and series. For example, his second tattoo was Cloudian Turbulence that he got after attending a competition with his pal, who then realised he didn't have a deck on him. Not ideal.

Liam offered him his Cloudians deck on the condition that if he came fourth or better in the competition, he'd get the tattoo. His pal came second and thus, Liam has a Cloudian Turbulence on his leg. Well, a bet's a bet, isn't it?

Team Mambo

As well as going in for the world record, Liam is also keen to speak to anyone who can possibly match his Yu-Gi-Oh! tattoos number - or as he puts it: "If anyone else out there reckons they have more than about 32 Yu-Gi-Oh! tattoos, reach out to me. I'd really like to talk to someone else who has made really bad decisions like myself."

Ah, come on, mate, you won't be saying that when you're a Guinness World Record holder.

Featured Image Credit: Team Mambo

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