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Man Who Used Cocaine For 25 Years Started Blowing Chunks Of His Nose Out

Man Who Used Cocaine For 25 Years Started Blowing Chunks Of His Nose Out

His nose eventually collapsed but he wants this to be a warning to others snorting the white stuff.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

We've been warned before about the dangers of snorting cocaine (and really anything up your snoz) but this cautionary tale should definitely do the job to get you away from the white stuff.

While this is an extreme example, it just goes to show you how much damage the illicit substance can do to your body.

Ian Higginson had been using cocaine for the better part of 25 years after getting hooked on it when he became a flight attendant.

The now 44-year-old has told Manchester Evening News: "I became and air steward and flew long haul to the Caribbean.

"In places like Jamaica cocaine was everywhere, and the more I flew there and spent time there between flights I'd get to know the locals, and a lot of them had access to cocaine.

Ian is now clean and happy with his girlfriend.
Ian Higginson/Facebook

"I met a guy who used to import it, so when I landed in Jamaica I'd go to see him and he would give me a block of it and it would last me until I went home."

He describes being consumed by the drug where he'd put off social interactions in order to spend time doing blow. Ian says he wasted nearly all the money he earned on the drug in order to keep up his habit.

It certainly didn't help when he took up a job as a bouncer and started using it just to stay awake.

After snorting the drug for about a quarter of a century, Ian hit rock bottom physically when he blew his nose.

"Lumps of flesh would come out," he said. "I was disgusting. The pain was so bad, but I'd still put coke up it to try and stop it."

He unsurprisingly ended up in hospital after his nose collapsed. Doctors told him he had an allergy to cocaine and his constant use was stopping his body from healing the chunks being blown out.

It was at that moment that Mr Higginson decided to get clean.

He posted a photo on Facebook showing his nose at its worst and a shot of him looking healthier than ever.

"I have posted this because if I can stop a 25 year habit, which was more like a jail sentence which nearly cost me my life, then so can you," he wrote on Facebook.

"If I can give someone the kick start in changing their life then I can turn my negative into a positive. Cocaine has done me absolutely no favours at all. It's only once you stop that you see it for yourself."

He hopes his message helps others dealing with addiction.

Featured Image Credit: Ian Higginson/Facebook

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