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Mum Amasses Huge Clothes Pile After Two Months Without Putting Washing Away

Mum Amasses Huge Clothes Pile After Two Months Without Putting Washing Away

She branded the huge pile 'Mount-Fold-More'

A mum-of-four who decided to stop putting the washing away for two months was left with a gigantic pile of clothes in her living room.

Kodie Quinlivan, from Perth, Australia, decided to pack in the regular chore when coronavirus lockdown measures meant she had to devote much of her time to homeschooling her kids.

Behold Mount-Fold-More.
Facebook/Kodie Quinlivan

Within just two months, the pile swamped her living room and she ultimately had to divide it into 50 bags, which were taken to the launderette to be rewashed, ironed and folded.

Before she did though, Kodie posed on top of the huge pile - which she branded 'Mount Fold-More' - and shared the snap in Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean'.

Captioning the photo, she said: "Mount-Fold-More is no more...

"Everything was re-washed dried ironed and folded. Now the mission of putting them all away.

"Eight weeks ago my en-suite toilet decided to send sewage through my master bedroom, walk in wardrobe and front living area where Mount-Fold-More was.

"During Covid and homeschooling four kids I didn't bother about folding any washing, it ended up like this! I decided to sit on it, take a picture and own it..."

Kodie's massive mound was much appreciated by the mums of Mums Who Clean, with one commenting: "Love how you have owned that, made my day! We put so much pressure on ourselves & there's more in life than folding clothes. Enjoy your family, it'll still be there when you're ready."

Another added: "More of this should be shown, we aren't all super woman, reality is nice to see."

Kodie did not disclose how much it cost her to get 50 bags of clothes washed, ironed and folded.

The mountain was made up of 50 bags worth of clothes.
Facebook/Kodie Quinlivan

In Taiwan, an elderly couple who own a launderette have become an Instagram sensation after posing in clothes left behind by customers.

Wan-Ji Chang, 83, and his wife Sho-Er Hsu, 84 - who own Wan Sho Laundry in Houli District, Taichung City - have collected around 300 items of clothing over the past 60 years, meaning they've got a solid selection of outfits they can throw together from their fancy dress box.

The couple were first inspired to start playing dress-up by their grandson, 31-year-old Reef Chang. However, they had no idea just how popular they'd become on Instagram until they started getting recognised on the street.

Reef said: "Wan-Ji & Sho-Er haven't entirely understood the idea of '100K people are subscribing to their newspaper', not to mention what's the idea of 'go viral' is.

"Sho-Er was a little surprised but also very confused. When she went for grocery shopping, people on the street recognised her and called her name. She said, 'I don't know you, why you know my name?'

"They don't know how this is even possible, over 50,000 followers are from other countries! I told them: 'Just try to imagine it this way, you've got many grandsons and granddaughters who also love you all over the world!'"

Remarkably, they now have almost 450,000 followers on Instagram - you can join the club here.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kodie Quinlivan

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