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People Reveal Bizarre Ways They Failed Their Driving Test

People Reveal Bizarre Ways They Failed Their Driving Test

One person reversed on a roundabout... another heckled at a pedestrian.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Taking your driving test can be a new level of hell, especially if you're nervous and lacking confidence. With that, some people end up failing in the worst of ways.

Well, one TikToker has revealed that they messed up in less than five minutes, although we're not completely sure why, this video shows you just how upset they were:

Spoiler alert: they're not really crying, it's just a sound overlaid onto the video. But failing your driving test must still be the worst (note use of the word 'must', I wouldn't know - first time and all that).

Taking to the video-sharing platform, the person (@yourfavouritefoodiee) wrote: "Baiting myself out here but oh well," before asking people to tell them the ways they failed.

In the clip, which has been watched over 740,000 times more than 3,000 people piled in to tell their stories - which is all very heartwarming given that these strangers were trying to make a fellow stranger feel less crap.


Anyway, one person wrote: "I went over a speed bump so fast that the examiner hit his head on the car roof."

Another added: "Spoke to a homeless man who asked if my test was going well at red lights," they followed that up with: "He said that the homeless man was a hazard? TF [the f***] am I supposed to do?"

"I tried reversing on a roundabout," a third said simply.

While someone else commented: "I didn't even get to leave the test centre. She said reverse bay park and I got so nervous I crashed into a wall and fainted. Took 4 minutes."

An impatient learner said: "I wound my window down and shouted hurry up at a pedestrian in the middle of the road."


Another person who failed before they'd even had a chance to set off wrote: "I failed before I made it out of the test centre because it started raining and I didn't know how to put my wipes on so couldn't set off."

Let's just sit here and watch the rain, shall we?

Someone else who did things their own way said: "I didn't fail [way to make them feel better] but I got 14 minors. I ignored some directions because I didn't want to go in the way the test person said..."

Pretty smart if you know the area.

Featured Image Credit: Prostock-studio/Alamy Stock Photo

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