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Teachers And Parents Reveal Kids' Names Linked With Best And Worst Behaviour

Teachers And Parents Reveal Kids' Names Linked With Best And Worst Behaviour

Teachers can sometimes have it pretty hard when they're doing their job.

Despite their best intentions and hard work, some kids just don't do well in classes. Others simply make it a living hell for educators. On the flip side, there are students out there who just want to listen and learn.

Interestingly, it appears that a pattern has been found when it comes to the names of the naughtiest and best behaved kids. Coincidence? Well, obviously, but let's take a look anyway.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

A survey conducted in the UK by My Nametags and Censuswide asked 1,500 teachers, parents and kids which names they identified with good and bad behaviour. Sounds scientific, right...?

The names associated with the best behaved boys included Arthur, Noah, Oscar, Muhammad and Leo, while Isla, Ava, Grace, Olivia and Emily were thought to be linked with the best behaved girls.

Now for the other side of the list.

Those surveyed matched the names Jack, Harry, Charlie, Oliver and George with the naughtiest boys, while Mia, Ella, Isabella, Amelia and Sophia propped up the equivalent list for the naughtiest girls.


Don't @ me if your name features on the latter list, I'm just the messenger here.

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Credit: PA
Credit: PA

There was another recent name list that raised a lot of eyebrows and it was all about this year's top bogan baby names.

While names can have a beautiful backstory, the choices parents make can often seem like the result of some 'outside the box' thinking.


We'll start with the female names:

  1. Anomaly
  2. Antwohnette
  3. Charmayanne
  4. Panda
  5. Sianna-Marrie
  6. Snowdrop
  7. Starlette
  8. Velvette
  9. Vin'nyla
  10. Windy

Now let's get to the male names:

  1. Brayan
  2. Kanaan
  3. Kairo
  4. Pluto
  5. Precise
  6. Sincere
  7. Tenysi
  8. Tigger
  9. Tokyo
  10. Wiatt

The list has been compiled by Kidspot, who insist that there are actual kids who have been blessed with these names in Australia.

No doubt there are some beautiful stories behind some of these names, and probably some more out-there ones too. Will any of them show up on a future survey of the best and worst behaved kids, though? Guess we'll just have to wait to see what future data analysts have in store for us.

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