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The Simpsons Foreshadowed Americans Not Being Able To Use Roundabout In Viral Video

The Simpsons Foreshadowed Americans Not Being Able To Use Roundabout In Viral Video

Aerial footage from a new roundabout in Kentucky shows motorists struggling with the new junction in Homer-esque fashion

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Once again, it seems The Simpsons has foreshadowed real-world events - this time it's the carnage that ensued when a roundabout was installed in a town in the US. Watch below:

You see, roundabouts - while considered commonplace in the UK and Europe - aren't usually found in America, where they prefer things to be done in a straight line. That means that when Americans are faced with a roundabout, they can get very confused.

In the above instance, authorities stuck one right over a junction in Rowan County, Kentucky, and in the aerial footage cars can be seen taking the wrong exits, or sometimes even heading completely the wrong way around the roundabout.

The chaos isn't dissimilar to that in an episode from The Simpsons which first aired in 2003.

In 'The Regina Monologues' in season 15, the family visit the UK for a holiday, but lose hours of their trip when they become trapped in traffic circling a roundabout. Watch here:

In the scene, Homer follows Marge's advice and turns continuously as they wait for space to exit.

However, Homer eventually cracks and decides to take textbook American 'unilateral' action, swerving off the roundabout, crashing through the gates of Buckingham Palace and rear-ending the Queen's Gold State Coach.

Nothing quite so dramatic has taken place at the roundabout in Kentucky yet, but locals are about as receptive to it as the Simpsons.

They believe that the old four-way stop junction was doing the job perfectly, and to be fair, they may have a point, given how they're using the new junction.

The roundabout is the first to be installed in north-eastern Kentucky, and it seems like it could be the last, given how it has worked out.

Walker Construction

A local called Jason Whisman told news outlet WYKT: "It's going to throw them for a loop. A complete 360. No doubt about it."

Walker Construction recorded the footage, explained that the footage was only shared in the hope of educating people how not to use a roundabout. It's certainly good for that.

The roundabout was installed because they are proven to be safer than the other types of junction, particularly in areas that are busy and see a lot of traffic pass through each day, according to the Kentucky Transport Cabinet.

Walker Construction

A transport official recently told local news: "We're looking at a way to reduce the severity of crashes that this intersection has a history of."

According to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, roundabouts cut down on crashes by 38 percent and fatal or incapacitating crashes by 90 percent, by significantly removing the chance of a head-on or T-bone collision.

They are also greener, as cars don't have to stop or start as much when using them.

So, it seems as though people on that side of the pond will just have to get used to 'em.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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