The World's Largest Condom Is Available To Buy

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The World's Largest Condom Is Available To Buy

We let you know when the smallest condom in the world hit the shops, now we have the answer to those of you at the other side of the scale.

Yes, the 'World's Largest Condom' is available to buy - it's called G31 (sounds big too, doesn't it?). What a good way to (e)rectify the problem for the well-endowed gents in our midst.


Self-proclaimed 'Condom Experts', TheyFit have unleashed it - in all of its 24 centimetre (9.44 inch) glory. It also had a 'uniformal nominal' width of 6.9cm (2.7 inches).


The website boasts that the rubber can accommodate 'comfortably' a penile girth up to eight inches (not far off the circumference of a Pringle can) - nice.

They say that it's 11 percent longer and 21 percent wider than a Durex XL condom, and 17 percent longer than a Magnum XL condom. Oh, no one likes a show-off.

People seem pretty pleased with their purchases though. One review reads: "I didn't think you could help me and I almost didn't order - I am extremely glad that I did.


"I don't think I have ever had an enjoyable experience with a condom, even when I tried out XL ones. In fact I once bought XXL and it was still tight and short.

"My (TheyFit size) fitted so perfectly I'm sure it made me a little harder than usual, haha."

Thanks for the TMI mate...

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Another added: "I felt silly buying your biggest condom but did it anyway. You have fixed a problem I have suffered all my life, that being condoms dig into my flesh and leave a purple ring after sex that can take days to vanish. I am literally amazed."

One pack of six condoms will set you back £6.99 ($8.98).

The same company that brings you this bad boy had previously brought out the smallest condom.


It came up with a range that starts at just 3.1 inches long, with a width of 2.6cm and a nominal width of 4.1cm, almost half the size of condoms that are already sold to the public as small-sized.

The firm asked: "Do you find that condoms are much too long for you? Do they slip or fall off entirely during use? It's an extremely common issue.

"How about when you try supposedly small condoms that are labelled things like 'Snug', 'Iron Grip' or 'Close Fit'? Do the problems remain? It's because such condoms aren't actually that much smaller."


Well, there we have it - there's something out there for everyone.

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Featured Image Credit: PA

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