Woman Cons 'A Hundred' Guys Into Going On Mass Tinder Date

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Woman Cons 'A Hundred' Guys Into Going On Mass Tinder Date

Oh Tinder - there always seems to be something going down on there, some little sneaky plan to get you on a date. It might be a few cheeky white lies about your hobbies to make your potential partner a lot more interested or maybe the girl you're meeting has photoshopped the fuck out of her pictures, in the hope that you'd never notice.

And now, in a move that was dubbed 'Fallopian fortitude' - we give you the latest 'scammer', Natasha Aponte.

The young woman pulled of one helluva hoax in New York City over the weekend and it will most probably make you question every person that asks you on a date.

According to New York Magazine, Natasha Aponte planted the seed(s) for her scheme about a month ago, when she matched with a shit load of Tinder LADs. She gave them all the same pitch.


As one man who claims he was duped by her tells it, her message allegedly went a little something like this (get yer popcorn ready).

Initially this guy thought he was being ghosted (such a pessimist) and a fortnight passed where he 'completely forgot about her' - yeah, whatever, mate.


Well. I. Never.

According to the Twitter profile, Natasha explained: "Amazing I'm gonna be running around today and tomorrow but just come around 6 and I'll meet you by the stage then we'll head out."

Sounds legit... or does it? Almost too planned, without any of the actual planning.


We've got one observation here - who eats a hot dog on the way to a date?

Apparently, after around 35 minutes, Natasha strutted on stage and let everyone know what was really going down. Who else would turn around and walk the opposite way? Or would curiosity get the better of you?

In video footage, Natasha says: "I have a confession to make for everyone here. Everyone here today was brought here to go on a date with me. I am single, so the reason behind this is dating apps are very difficult and I said 'ok, how do I solve this problem?'."

She continued: "So, do you have what it takes to compete against everyone here to win a date with me. I mean maybe you're disappointed but I don't see why you're disappointed because it's a great story, it's an amazing story. Can you last longer than all these other guys?"


There were people wolf-whistling, a few confident guys shout-flirting with Natasha, and some calling 'bullshit' on the entire thing - really loudly.

Then Natasha went into some 'elimination round' where she reeled a list of things she didn't want in a future partner off and used two 'referees'.

These included people who didn't live in the country and were tourists, anyone in a relationship (fair), anyone who could support Trump and date a Puerto Rican and, slightly more bizarrely - anyone named 'Jimmy' - why you ask? Fuck knows.


Then she asked that people who had been dumped by their girlfriend in their last relationship left because, Natasha explained: "I completely trust her judgement."

She continued: "Anyone under 5'10 please leave as well. No beer bellies, no long beards, no bald guys, no khakis, no TOMS."

Apparently, she hates TOMS.

Natasha added: "No alcoholics, no one who is a heavy drinker because, you know that's not fun. Also no cigarette smokers, I'm sorry my health is important, no cigarette smokers."

After the 'elimination round' the lucky guys left behind were apparently made to sprint and do push ups, then she put them all in a line and physically swiped left and right.

According to New York Mag, she also gave guys a minute to explain why they should date her. Who ever said romance was dead?

Well, Tinder scams on a whole new level going on here. Think it's time for a lie down.

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