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People Warned Over TikTok Cleaning Hack That Could Be Costly

People Warned Over TikTok Cleaning Hack That Could Be Costly

People have been warned to use the hack with caution or they could end up out of pocket

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Social media users are warning against a viral cleaning hack that could leave you seriously out of pocket. Check out the tip here:

Several clips have been uploaded to TikTok of people showing that their seemingly sparkling clean sinks are hiding a dirty secret beneath the plug.

TikTok user Natasha Witts, or @natashawitts as she's known on the platform - shared a clip in which she urged people: "Check your plug holes!"

The clip started with Natasha's nice clean sink, before the camera zoomed in on her gently unscrewing the plug and removing it.

She then thoroughly cleans the plug and drain area using a kitchen cleaning spray, hot water and a toothbrush, before pouring down some bicarbonate soda, more hot water and vinegar - leaving everything absolutely spotless.

She then poured down some Zoflora, followed by boiling water from the kettle before finally screwing the plug back into place.


People have been blown away by the amount of gunk and dirt that could be hiding under their sinks and are keen to give it a go.

One person wrote: "Going to check my sink, I didn't even know this existed."

While someone else said: "Is it bad that I never knew I could unscrew the sink?"

However, some TikTok users have warned that it could be costly if you don't do things properly.

Responding to the post one person wrote: "Nah, I did this and all the pipes under the sink fell off and broke."

Another said: "Please don't do this! Your drain syphon will fall off and 9/10 you won't be able to assemble it together by yourself."


A third wrote: "I did this with my bath and then I flooded my downstairs neighbours' living room after a bath because apparently it unscrews the inside of the bath, too."

Not ideal.

Posting on another clip of the same cleaning hack, someone else warned: "I did this and now I have to change my pipes because of the water spilling underneath the sink.

"The silicone was taken off when it was not supposed to. I wish I knew that beforehand but a lot of these videos don't mention it."

So there you go - if you ever needed an excuse to sack off cleaning, this could be it.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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