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We Asked For Your Best Hangover Cures For New Year's Day

We Asked For Your Best Hangover Cures For New Year's Day

Everyone has their own special way of curing a hangover, so if you're looking for a remedy, you might find it here

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Everyone knows someone who claims not to get hangovers. It's painful being around those people who are seemingly fine after a big drinking session while you're sat there in a dark room, feeling sorry for yourself and waiting until the headache and queasiness goes away.

They'll be out in force on New Year's Day, of course, although there'll likely be plenty of people around the world rubbing their heads and wishing they never did those double shots of Sambuca when the clock struck midnight.


It's the unfortunate side of drinking alcohol but everyone seems to have a different way to tackle a hangover. My personal favourite is something I like to call Vitamin G, aka grease. Get some bacon and eggs into you and that will make you right as rain. But we also took to Instagram to ask you lovely lot what your best cures are.

Here's a few for you to peruse...

Alex Limkittirat

"The best cure ever is the sauna. Eat a good meal and go to the sauna - absolutely no more hangover. I swear by it."

Harry Rymer

"20 chicken nuggets, a Subway and a banana milkshake"


Alfred Coxy

"Toast Bacon Egg Sausage Bacon Egg Sausage Beans Sausage Egg Bacon Toast"

Grace McLoughlin

"Since moving to Dublin my friends introduced me to a munch box. It's a pizza box filled with Chinese starters (ribs, wings, calamari, spring rolls, chips), sweet chilli and curry sauce. Never had a hangover so satisfied and at the same time been so disgusted with myself."

Rhys Salisbury

"So I often drink two pints of something called muddy water - it's just half coke, half orange juice! But it seems to do the trick pretty well. Another great cure is cactus juice."


Matthew Morgan

"Like an alcoholic Dory: Just keep drinking."

Alice Taylor

"A packet of cheese strings. Failsafe cure every time."

Kieran Dowd



Dougle Hamilton

"I suffered monstrous hangovers once but now... I have 1-3 pints of water before I go to bed, while I'm drunk. The next morning, I have a full Scottish breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding etc. The hangover is no more."

And also...

The 'drink a load of water before bed' method is apparently quite popular with you guys, so next time you head out and get wankered, I'd suggest trying that. But, to be fair, that requires a certain degree of forethought when you're pissed - which, for some, might be a bit difficult.

If you're looking to get away from hangovers, you might want to join the more than three million people across the UK who have signed up for Dry January. Not only does it save you money, but it's also apparently good for your skin, helps you lose weight and gets you a better night's sleep.

Not that it'll help your hangover right now, of course.

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