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Where To Go On Your Next Holiday Based On The Price Of Beer

Where To Go On Your Next Holiday Based On The Price Of Beer

Before booking your next holiday, make sure you know the price of a pint in your chosen destination

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

It can be hard to decide where to go on holiday. There are so many different elements you need to factor into your decision and so many different places to choose from. Plus, the opportunity doesn't come around too often for most of us, so there's a lot of pressure not to fuck it up.

However, there's no point in tracking down the beach retreat of your dreams, only to find you can't afford beers once you get there.

As such, it is wise to narrow down your search to destinations where the price is right, then go from there.

Fortunately, Travel Republic's Holiday Generator has saved us the arse ache of trawling TripAdvisor and collating our own spreadsheet, so without further ado, here's the average price of a pint in a selection of popular holiday destinations across the globe:


Dubrovnik, Croatia - KN 23.50/£2.80 (think Game of Thrones)

Benidorm, Spain - €1.02/£0.90 (can you do better though?)

Salou, Spain - €2.20/£1.90 (home one of the best theme parks in Europe, PortAventura)

Barcelona - €3.83/£3.39

Dubrovnik looks nice, doesn't it?

Lisbon, Portugal - €1.57/£1.39

Valletta, Malta - €1.80/ £1.60

Paphos, Cyprus - €2.00/£1.80

Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife - €2/£1.70

Alcudia, Majorca - €3.59/ £3.18

This could be you off the coast of Paphos.

Torremolinos, Spain - €2.50/£2.20

San Antonio, Ibiza - €4.79/£4.24

Sorrento, Italy - €5.30/ £4.70

Sidari, Corfu - €2.70/£2.40

Laganas, Zante - €4.51/£3.50

Albufeira, Algrave - €2.43/£2.15

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote - €2/£1.81

The beers are a little on the steep side in Sorrento, but it could be worth it for the food and the scenery.

However, if you're fed up of Europe and don't mind parting with some of your beer money to pay for a further flight, here's the breakdown from beyond the continent:


Barbados - BDS$ 2.60/ £1.01 (a tropical paradise with affordable tipples)

Las Vegas - $6.62/ £5.14 (if want to go to Vegas, don't forget to budget for plenty of spends)

Miami - $9/£7

New York - $9/£7

Orlando, USA - $5/£3.90

Maldives - MRF 153.75/ £7.72

St Lucia - $5.18/ £1.50

St Lucia could be a great shout if you can fork out for the flight.

Rivera Maya, Mexico - MEX$65/£2.50

Bali, Indonesia - RP14,632/£0.78

Abu Dhabi, UAE - AED 23.09/£4.88

Antalya, Turkey - ₺13.61/ £2.00

Hurghada, Egypt - E£ 31.88/ £1.38

Agadir, Morocco - MAD 36.65/£3.00

You'll probably be wanting plenty of beers to quench your thirst in the heat of Hurghada.

But if you're not just some beer hound who only cares about the price of booze, fear not, Travel Republic's holiday generator offers a more comprehensive overview of where the best place might be for you to take your next hol - simply take a quick quiz, and voila.

Alternatively, if you like every aspect of your holiday to be super affordable, then the Post Office Holiday Money Report offers a breakdown of the cheapest place to go this year based on the average cost of eight holiday staples: a meal for two, a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a Coca-Cola, a glass of wine, a bottle of water, sun cream and insect repellent.

Or, if planning a holiday - even with all the aforementioned info - seems like too much of an effort, why not head to your nearest discount supermarket, buy a crate and watch a travel documentary?

... The cheapest and most stress-free option of all.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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