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Woman Who Married Son's Best Friend Says She's Been Called A 'Paedo'

Woman Who Married Son's Best Friend Says She's Been Called A 'Paedo'

Despite all the hate, she says the pair are 'still so in love'

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman who married her son's best friend has opened up about the abuse she has received.

Marilyn Buttigieg, 60, met her now-husband, William Smith, 31, when her son brought him over after school in June 2006.

Will was just 16 at the time, but they grew to know each other over the years and 'naturally gravitated towards each other'.

Marilyn said she's been called a 'paedo' on countless occasions.

They eventually started a relationship and got married in 2009, after a lot of convincing from William.

Nowadays it's just the two of them, as the 29-year age gap relationship has cost them relationships with most of their friends and loved ones. However, despite all the hate, the couple have no regrets.

Marilyn, from Crawley, West Sussex, said: "William and I are still so in love.

"We're never apart and if we are we miss each other so much. He's my soulmate.

"We have suffered a lot of hate over the years and I've been called a paedo but we've always had each other.

"We've stayed true to ourselves and our feelings and that is what matters."

The couple are 'still so in love'.

Their relationship blossomed when William helped her out around the house, as she was suffering from ME - a long term illness causing extreme tiredness and muscle pain among other symptoms.

But Marilyn - who owns a cleaning company - was originally reluctant to pursue her feelings.

The mum-of-seven recalled: "I didn't want to take away William's life.

"I didn't want to have any more kids, but I didn't want to stop William having a family if he wanted.

"My family had also already judged us for being friends and thought we were something more before we were - just because William helped me out.

"I think that made us gravitate towards each other to be honest."

After a lot of graft, William was able to change her mind, but now all but one of her children have 'disowned' her. William has also lost contact with his family.

But despite all the challenges, Marilyn said she is 'proud' of their relationship.

The couple got married in 2009.

She said: "I've been called a paedo more times than I could remember.

"We've been to hell and back and even now we get nails in our tyres. People just can't just leave us alone.

"I tell William to kiss me in the streets because why should anyone care? I'm proud of him and our relationship - let them stare if they want to."

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