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Woman's Mouldy Discovery Alerts People To The Existence Of Fridge Drip Trays

Woman's Mouldy Discovery Alerts People To The Existence Of Fridge Drip Trays

The woman shared her discovery on Facebook and it turns out she was far from the only person not to know about fridge drip trays

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

If you're anything like me, then you probably primarily use Facebook as a means of contacting mates and watching videos of dogs.

But apparently, there are people out there who use it as some kind of forum for sharing cleaning tips.

More than 100,000 people are members of Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, and many of them were left in a state of shock after one member dropped a great big mouldy bombshell in the group.

A woman has discovered that mouldy fridge drip trays were causing the stink in her kitchen.

The member in question said she had never known why she couldn't stop her fridge from smelling like arse, despite the fact she cleans it all the time. But in an absolutely massive eureka moment, the woman discovered the fridge's drip tray.

Unsurprisingly, given that this was the first time she came across it, there was quite a lot of mould - and general stink - on her tray. She later checked her mum's tray and found it too had been neglected.

Taken aback by her smelly discovery, the woman decided to spread the word in the cleaning tips group, in a post in which she said she was 'absolutely disgusted' with herself... which seems a bit much.

Turns out lots of people don't know that fridge drip trays exist.

The post sparked an outpouring of shame among the cleaning community, with countless people confessing to not knowing the trays existed either.

One person commented: "Omg I never knew this!!!! I've always had freestanding but have integrated now. I am gutted, I really want to clean mine! Xx"

Sharing a photo of her own, another said: "Omg, I want to kiss you and kill you at same time bbz. As if I've never known this... now how to get it off."

As if the conversation couldn't get any more riveting, people then started to chime in with explanations of the drip tray's purpose and how best to clean it.

One person wrote: "... that little hole is supposed to drain the water away, you need to clean it with either a long pipe cleaner or those very slim bottle brushes."

The conversation in the cleaning tips page was as interesting as you would expect it to be.

Another said: "It drains to a container above the compressor at the back of the fridge towards the bottom. The heat from the compressor evaporates the water. But it should be lifted out and washed occasionally."

But don't worry, not all of the chat was this dry - there were some pretty hilarious smelly fridge drip tray anecdotes flying about too.

One bloke said: "Haha we had the same thing, I even threw the rug out as [I] thought one of the little ones split some milk on it! But yes it turned out to be the drip tray at the back of the fridge lol."

Yes. 'Lol'.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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