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An Ode To The Humble: Longneck Of Beer... At 20 To 8 In The Morning

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An Ode To The Humble: Longneck Of Beer... At 20 To 8 In The Morning

Few alcoholic beverages have a cult status in Australia like the humble longneck bottle of beer.

Longies are a special breed of vessel that attracts a certain type of clientele.

Forget craft beers or IPAs for a second because longnecks in most bottle shops across the land will feature only the most classic and iconic Aussie beers.

You've got your VB, your XXX, your Resch's, your Tooheys, your Carlton, your Great Northern, your Coopers and a few fancy ones like Corona or Furphy.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Whenever you head to the bottlo to pick up one or two of these bad boys, the shop attendant will usually ask if you want to chuck them in a brown paper bag.

Whether you opt for the bag or not, these drinks were meant for people on the go... except for that one bloke at the party who insists on knocking back a longneck because he really enjoys beer.

It's not an uncommon sight to see empty longies still encased in their brown skin and strewn across parks in the morning after a heavy night on the lash.


This brand of drink was immortalised by an iconic Aussie bloke known only as Bluey, who professed his love of a longneck of a particular drop.

The tradie uploaded a video of him swearing his absolute lungs off about how 'true' Australians love to knock back a VB longneck at 20 to 8 in the morning.

The 20-second clip doesn't provide much else except for a vocabulary of all the worst swear words you can use in a sentence.

It went absolutely viral and people all around the world were impressed by just how much this bloke loved a longneck, especially in the morning. No judgement, but that would be a tough breakfast to stomach.


People on Reddit praised him for his honest outlook on beverage selection, with one person writing: "This guy needs a monument that will stand the end of time."

Another called for 'this bloke for prime minister!'

Many, who were clearly from overseas, revealed they had trouble understanding what the hell he was even saying.


That either means this guy has had a few too many breakfasts and his speech is a little slurred, or people outside Australia really can't understand our vernacular. Either way, it's bloody priceless.

So, the next time you're looking through the bottle shop and are hunting to find The One for your night out, give some consideration to the classic longneck.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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Stewart Perrie
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