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Man Attempts To Drink 15 Boddingtons On Boxing Day

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

Man Attempts To Drink 15 Boddingtons On Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the best day of the festive period. There we go I said it.

If Omicron hasn't put a stop to your plans, you can go out, meet friends, and have a beer... or 15 if you're Rob Copland.

The stand up comedian decided to create a Twitter thread dedicated to his boozing so that people could join him on the journey and it didn't disappoint.

His initial tweet read: "I'm gunna drink 15 Boddingtons today. A thread:" You already know he means business.

Starting with his first can of the bitter at 2:25pm, he explained how he was attempting to 'beat last year's PB of 12'.

Less than 10 minutes later, he posted Boddies number two, writing: "Straight on to number 2 anything is possible at this stage. Not sure I can keep up this pace. I have until midnight."

Rob with his second beer of the day. Credit: Twitter/@Robertdcopland
Rob with his second beer of the day. Credit: Twitter/@Robertdcopland

Feeling 'unstoppable' with his third beer of the day, Rob polished off some pudding (reluctantly), after his family told him that his accomplishment wouldn't count if he didn't have a normal day alongside the challenge.

By 3:30, Rob was supping his fourth can while he was watching the footy (we assume), as he wrote: "Number 4! That's as many goals as @ManCity have scored against @LCFC are they going for 15 as well?"

Giving Boxing Day the appreciation it deserves, he went on to write: "Everyone's mental on Xmas day, everything has to be perfect, everyone's a bit tense, boxing day is where its at... It's just football and Boddingtons...."

Couldn't agree with you more, Rob.

Christmas hat as well. Credit: Twitter/@Robertdcopland
Christmas hat as well. Credit: Twitter/@Robertdcopland

When it came to his eighth pint, Rob was getting his beer poured for him by his dad as he started to come into some technical problems with social media.

He wrote: "Can't tell if I've run out of space on this thread? Or I've forgotten how to do it? Can you run out of tweets on a thread? Anyway I'm on 8!"

At 6:32pm things started getting emotional when he posted: "Didn't realise my dad was gunna feature so heavily in this but actually really happy that he's been part of the process. Couldn't have done it with out him, cheers Alan. I'm pretty p***** now tbh."

Yes Alan.

Shortly after, Rob realised that his old man was keeping all of the empty cans and asked his followers: "Might monument out of them after for people to come an visit? Who'd be up for that?"

Matching his personal best of 12 Boddingtons from Boxing Day 2020, Rob wrote: "Number 12,!! A dozen! I remember seeing Austin Powers Gold Member in the cinema and that was a 12 and I remember thinking f*** 12 that's insane. 12 whole years... Well now I'm 12 bods deep! GET IN MA BELLY!"

Boddies number 12. Credit: Twitter/@Robertdcopland
Boddies number 12. Credit: Twitter/@Robertdcopland

When the clock reached 7:46pm, Rob sounded like he was struggling: "Guys Jim feeling really p***** now. Need some genuine words of encouragement." (He means I'm but it's too good to correct).

At 9:58pm, Rob was having his 15th Boddingtons poured for him (courtesy of Alan, of course). To mark the occasion, his brother ended up filming the final pour with Rob himself giving a 'weird acceptance speech':


Taking a moment to reflect on the thread, he commented: "Never had a tweet this successful and genuinely amazed (but also I've been doing this solo for the last 2 years and deep down knew it was something bigger than me)."

This morning, Rob followed up with another tweet that simply said: "Oh boy... Best hangover cures anyone??"

Another Boddies, Rob?

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: UK News, Food And Drink

Rebecca Shepherd
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