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Bloke Builds Incredible Underground Bunker Bar In His Back Garden

Bloke Builds Incredible Underground Bunker Bar In His Back Garden

He spent £20,000 on the stylish underground space

A bloke splashed out £20,000 on an underground bunker bar for his back garden and it looks absolutely incredible. Check it out: 

Jody Wainright, 41, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, created the stylish space using leftover materials from completing his and his family’s self-build home.

He opted for an underground bar as he thought it would be a way to save space in the garden. 

The dad-of-two says his entire family loves the space, but admits that his wife isn’t a massive fan of the amount of time he spends down there watching football. Ah well, you can’t please everyone. 


Jody said: "I thought a bunker bar would be something different to the typical bars people usually build in their gardens.

"It's something outside the box and also has the wow factor because it's not something you see all the time.

"After originally joking with the builder I wanted an underground bar, one week later they started digging out the hole in the ground.

"My favourite thing about the bar is that no one knows it's there. It's got a shed above it so it's well disguised.

"The structure was completed in around six weeks and we spent around £20k on the materials for the bunker.

"One of the biggest challenges of the build was keeping the water out and weatherproofing the top of the bunker



As well as having an impressive bar area, the space doubles up as a cinema room with a widescreen TV and a screen that drops down from the ceiling. 

Jody added: He said: "The bar was a godsend during the many lockdowns. It was great to have a lovely space we could appreciate and enjoy as a family.

“My kids love the bar. They're always down there having parties with their friends or watching movies.

"My wife enjoys it too, although I'm not sure she enjoys how often I am down there watching football.

"When we have people over they are blown away by the bunker when they see it. It's not every day you get to go into an underground bar.


"There bar consists of a booth seating area in the corner, a bar at one end of the room with draft lager and cider. There's also a couple of sofas and a table in the middle.

"It's quite glamorously decorated and I also have a few bits of sports memorabilia on display too.

"It's great for us when we have friends around because you can have the music on louder because people can't hear it as we are underground.

"So we can't upset the neighbours which is always a plus."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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