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Mysterious Lake Noises Spark Rumours Of Alien Base In Colorado

Mysterious Lake Noises Spark Rumours Of Alien Base In Colorado

The 'Star Wars' sounds emitting from the lake have some believing extra-terrestrials are present beneath the water

Conspiracy theorists believe that a number of mysterious sounds that have been heard coming from a lake in Colorado are proof that an alien base is beneath the waters. Take a listen below:

Of course, belief in the existence of aliens is less controversial these days, as files are declassified regarding UFOs and more people start to come around to the idea, but loads of others have posited a slightly less intriguing reason for the noises.

Anyway, we’ll come to that later. First, let’s have a think about the theory.

Recordings were taken from Steamboat Springs in the US state by an employee of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service back on December 2.

They shared those noises on Twitter, where they were picked up by alien enthusiasts UFO Sightings Daily.

They were described as ‘strange Star Wars sounds’ and – apparently – confirm the existence of an alien base beneath the lake.

The sounds were heard near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Scott C. Waring, from the UFO group, said: “White sphere UFOs have been recorded and eyewitnesses by thousands of residents of Colorado over the last few years.

“The signals point to there being an alien base deep below the lake, which amplifies the sounds below due to it being frozen…it acts as an amplifier.

“Alien bases are never small. Most are 3-6 kilometers (1.8-3.7 miles) deep and cover an area of about 5km (3.1 mi) and even have their own weather system… with chances of rain.”

He added: “This is 100% proof of an alien base below this lake in Colorado.

“But… if signals can travel up from the alien base, then it would also work to send signals back down to the base.

“A loud enough speaker placed in a dugout 1-meter (3-feet) deep ice hole at the center of the lake would be sufficient to send them a sonic signal.

But… what would you say? In the wrong hands, it could cause an alien military response.”

Alien enthusiasts believe that there is a base beneath the lake.

However, that’s not the only theory.

Many people think it could just be down to the shifting of the ice, which can make similar noises.

One person commented: “Ice makes this noise at random times when it gets thicker and thinner,”

Another said: “I’ve heard these sounds myself in winters when it’s ice. It’s got nothing to do with aliens”

A third jibed: “That’s the sound the McDonald’s ice cream machine makes to let you know it’s out of order”.

Whatever you believe, the sounds are pretty cool, you have to admit that.

Featured Image Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service

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