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Sailor Clings To Beacon For Three Hours Naked After Being Knocked From Boat

Sailor Clings To Beacon For Three Hours Naked After Being Knocked From Boat

David Simpson was knocked from his boat as he tried to secure a dinghy which launched him into the water

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

An Australian sailor has been rescued from a beacon that he was clung on to for three hours naked after being knocked from his boat:

David Simpson ended up having to use his own swimming shorts as a means to attract attention when he was catapulted form his yacht sailing off the coast of Queensland.

The 64-year-old experienced sailor was trying to secure a dinghy when the rope broke, throwing him into the ocean after waves got behind it.

Mr Simpson found himself pushed off the deck and into the water where he was then swept away from the boat while its engine was still running and his Staffordshire terrier, Mitch, was still on board. (Don't worry, Mitch is fine).

The 13-metre boat.

Speaking to 9News, an understandably shaken Mr Simpson, said: "I was concerned I wasn't going to be around for my family more than anything."

Mr Simpson was eventually found two-and-a-half kilometres away from his boat and recalling the moment he was flung from it, he added: "The wave hit the side of the boat and I was trying to secure the dinghy which had come a little bit adrift and a rope broke holding the dinghy."

"The dinghy hit me, my ribs and I fell about 2.5, 3m, off the boat." He managed to swim to the beacon where he watched on helplessly as his boat floated away.

He went on to say: "I took my shorts off and was waving them. Maybe that's why nobody stopped - because I was naked. They had a ladder about a metre up and I waited for a wave and managed to put my hands up."

Mr Simpson.

Ian Hunt, commander of the Mooloolaba Coast Guard said Mr Simpson was lucky he found the beacon because it enabled him to be seen by one of the three helicopters that were out searching for him.

He told the Today programme: "He's a very lucky man to be able to get to that beacon. He's a little stressed this morning anxious to get his boat off the beach.

"My understanding is the dog is back with the master now."

Featured Image Credit: 9News

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