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Brewdog Offers Government Its Closed Venues To Help With Covid Vaccine Rollout

Brewdog Offers Government Its Closed Venues To Help With Covid Vaccine Rollout

James Watt, CEO of Brewdog, tweeted to Matt Hancock and Nicola Sturgeon

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

The CEO of Brewdog has offered the closed venues to help with the roll out of the coronavirus vaccine.

James Watt tweeted to say: "We would like to offer our closed @BrewDog venues to help with a quick roll out of the vaccine. For free. We have waiting areas, huge refrigerators, separate [sic] rooms for vaccinations [sic] and an ace team who can help organise."

He tagged both Matt Hancock, the UK's Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, as well as Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland.

Sturgeon responded saying: "Thank you. I'll pass this on to our vaccination team."

Many people have taken to the tweet, thanking Brewdog for attempting to help. One wrote: "This ladies and gentlemen is a company with the right idea, all the way through this s*** show they have been doing their bit . Credit where it is due."

Another added: "What an amazing gesture, especially since hospitality has been hit so hard. My husband and I will be sure to return the favour by supporting the @BrewDog chain when we can."

A third commented: "This posts gives me so much hope after such a dark year. For us, the vaccine seems so far away (thankfully, we are healthy and low risk), but it's actually happening. Even if they are not taken up on the offer, the thought was there & I can't wait to visit Brewdog."

Many people asked whether they'd be able to get a pint with their jab... others asked for chicken wings. We're betting most would be delighted with both.

Someone else suggested: "Please give everyone who gets the vaccine a limited edition can of immunIPA as a souvenir @BrewDog I'll be first in line."

Bravo, LADs. Bravo.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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