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German Cafe Gave Customers Pool Noodles To Ensure Social Distancing

German Cafe Gave Customers Pool Noodles To Ensure Social Distancing

As restaurants reopened in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany, Café Rothe decided to make sure visitors were following the rules

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Staff at a German cafe have made their customers wear 'pool noodles' as hats in a bid to ensure social distancing rules are followed while they enjoy a cup of coffee and some lunch.

Visitors that opted to sit outside Cafe & Konditorei Rothe in Schwerin, Germany, were required to wear the makeshift helmets, which had two pool noodles that crossed over each other and were taped in place at the top. Keeping things cool and corona-free, eh?

This was done as the country began to ease itself out of lockdown but with social distancing measures very much still in place, this seemed a no-brainer.

The cafe's unique idea was shared on Facebook where it's racked up more than 1,200 shares.

Someone with a similar idea commented on the post saying: "My husband had suggested a week ago that we in Spain should all wear wide sombrero. Ahead of his time!"

Another wrote: "An adequate remedy for those who have still not internalised the safety distance issue. Nice fun for people who have not lost their sense of humour!"

A few people went on to express concerns at the idea of reusing the headgear and hoped they were being cleaned between sittings and before giving them to other customers.

In China, schoolchildren have returned to their classrooms wearing homemade social distancing hats of their own - reminding the kids they they must maintain the space between each other.

One of the kids showing off their hat.

Along with face masks, pupils were asked to don 'one-metre hats', which ensured they remembered to observe strict physical distancing guidelines.

Four classes of first-year pupils at Yangzheng School in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province in East China, were permitted to return to class for the first time on 26 April in preparation for lessons to resumed the next day.

Images and video footage from inside the classroom show the children each wearing a surgical mask and their very own homemade one-metre hat, which has a 3-foot-long measuring tool jutting out at the sides.

Many have been crafted from cardboard, though one girl decided to make hers with balloons that are normally used to make model animals.

Vice-principal Hong Feng told local media: "This was our own creative idea. It helps us promote our slogan: 'Wear a one-metre hat, keep a one-metre distance'."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Cafe & Konditorei Rothe

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