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Woman's Tinder Date Called Dad To Pay For Meal After Card Got Declined

Dominic Smithers

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Woman's Tinder Date Called Dad To Pay For Meal After Card Got Declined

Online dating is a minefield and we all know someone who has had their fair share of absolute shockers.

But one mum has said her two years of looking for love on Tinder gave her enough stories to fill a book, with one chapter being devoted to the guy who turned out to be engaged to another woman.

Now settled down in a relationship, Emma Louise Sanders from Rainham says she's met plenty of men who, for a number of reasons, were a million miles away from being her 'Mr Right'.

And she's some absolute corkers with the world to warn women about the potential pitfalls of the dating scene.


After two weeks of chatting on Tinder, Emma arranged a date and exchanged phone numbers with one man.

But a simple Facebook search of his mobile number revealed he wasn't being all that truthful to her.

"His profile picture was of him clearly with a significant other and his cover photo was an engagement ring on her hand," said the 30-year-old.

Credit: Essex Live/BPM MEDIA
Credit: Essex Live/BPM MEDIA

"I immediately screenshotted our conversations where he said his relationship status was 'complicated' as well as complimenting me on my looks and arranging a date and sent the message to his fiancée, two of his male friends and two of her female friends.

"She [his fiancée] thanked me for the information," Emma said. "Apparently he had been cheating on her for a while and she had her suspicions and when confronted with what I had sent he admitted it.

"She accepted it and they were still planning to be married."

But when it came to her next Prince Charming, she was left wishing he hadn't turned up either.


You would think a few cocktails in the London Sky Garden restaurant would be a winner of a date, but no. Not at all.

This time round her date was a twin, but Emma had no idea which one to expect.

"His pictures were always with the twin so I had no idea who was who. One was slightly less good-looking and a bit heavy set, and that is the one who showed up to meet me", she said.

She says he spent most of the date bragging about his finances and showing off his brand new Apple watch, ordering drinks Emma didn't want and then downing them himself.


Eventually, they called it a night, but it wasn't over.

"It was a really expensive dinner," she said. "I really didn't want to even pay my share as he ordered me drinks even though I said I didn't want them and then drank them himself."

But then things really went wrong. When attempting to pay using his credit card, it was declined three times.

After insisting on paying, her date had to run off to withdraw money from an ATM - leaving Emma waiting for an hour.


She said: "I had to stay there with my bank card behind the counter - which only had about £7.50 on it because he had already insisted I wouldn't need any money - while he phoned his dad to transfer him some money."

Credit: Essex Live/BPM MEDIA
Credit: Essex Live/BPM MEDIA

The bill was eventually settled, but the story wasn't over just yet.

Emma tagged her date in a photo from the night, only for his long-term girlfriend to see it and message her the following morning.

But that hell is far behind her now and Emma has been free from Tinder for the past three years.

In 2016 she met up with an old school friend Danny and the pair rekindled their flame.

"We both fancied each other but he was in the 'popular group'," she said. "And I was bullied a lot for not following the crowd so nothing really happened.

"We did flirt a bit but I thought he was being nice. He told me a picture on Instagram was hot with all the emojis and I replied 'aww thanks mate' then I found out he was planning on going travelling and decided to make my move."

They only had five short months together before Danny jetted off to Thailand on his travels. But the pair didn't let separate continents ruin things, and a week into his trip, Emma flew out to celebrate his birthday, Christmas, and New Year.

After a few months back in the UK, they moved to Australia. However, when Emma found out she was pregnant with her first child they moved back to the UK for good.

They now have a little boy, Callum, and they couldn't be happier.

Looking back on her experience, Emma said: "Having gone through all the bad dates makes both my boys worthwhile.

"I've ended up the happiest I've even been with someone who was a friend for years and listened to my heartache.

"Three-and-a-half years, several countries lived in and one child later we're incredibly happy."

And she has a little piece of advice for those who are still looking for love online.

"If he doesn't call or message back then leave him be and move on.

"Trust your gut. If he's been to prison and doesn't have a full time job or act his age and it doesn't feel right then don't give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Don't get stressed about not getting matches or only getting fools messaging you. The right person will be there when you least expect it."

Featured Image Credit: Essex Live/BPM MEDIA

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Dominic Smithers
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