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Student Struggling To Find Job After Sending Drunk Voice Note To Boss


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Student Struggling To Find Job After Sending Drunk Voice Note To Boss

Work time and play time are two entities that should never mix - hence why office Christmas parties end in utter disaster for those who enjoy a few too many of the complimentary cocktails.

A student learned this the hard way, when she decided to leave a drunk voice note to her boss:


21-year-old Rachael had been working at a fine dining restaurant up in Edinburgh while studying at college when she decided to pack it in as the hours were conflicting with her studies. No problems so far.


However, things took a sour turn when she decided to bid farewell to her colleagues and employer... on Whatsapp... while drunk.

Leaving a booze-fuelled voice note on the work Whatsapp group, she can be heard laughing while shouting: "Bye f**kers."

Safe to say the boss wasn't too happy about her abrupt goodbye, which wouldn't have been a problem if her next employer didn't request a reference from all of her previous jobs.

A year later, when applying for the new job, the application required a letter of recommendation from all of her past roles - including the restaurant.


Lo and behold, when Rachel reached out to her former general manager she was given the cold shoulder.

Speaking about the situation, she said: "I sent the voice note when I was drunk as a joke... but I think the general manager wasn't happy about it as it was awkward next time I saw them.

"I got along with people there but the general manager I probably didn't get along with, although nothing was left on bad terms.

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

"My new job requires a reference from every employer I've had just to state I've worked there. It wasn't a reference to say how good I was or anything, it's to prove I am who I say I am and they read and ignored my message.

"I find the whole thing funny. But I wish someone else had done it not me."

Lesson learned. It's not clear where the student will go next, although it's looking unlikely she'll bag a role with this new company.

Next time, might be an idea to delete the old job from the CV, or else that drunk voice note will come back to bite her in the butt... again.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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