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Thousands Shut Down Melbourne CBD For Climate Change Protest

Thousands Shut Down Melbourne CBD For Climate Change Protest

Thousands of people are marching through Melbourne to protest against climate change inaction.

The demonstration is being held by Extinction Rebellion and will travel through the CBD to make their voices loud.


A statement issued before the march read: "The climate emergency is not a political issue, it is a scientific fact. Our government isn't acting in accordance with what science and history tells us.

"We have a moral duty to rebel, whatever our politics. History shows us that peaceful civil disobedience is an effective way to bring about change."

The group is planning on doing a 'die-in' where they lie on the ground and pretend to be dead in order to send a message to politicians that inaction on the issue will kill Australians.

Artist and writer Abbie Harman is attending the march and told The Age: "I have two children under 10 and I just see an environment that isn't suitable for them to grow up in. It's important. But we need much more people, support and action."


Victoria Police has released a statement saying: "Victoria Police is well equipped and prepared to deploy resources, respond and intervene when needed," it said.

"A number of traffic management points will be in place with Bourke, Swanston, Collins and Flinders streets to be affected at various times from approximately 12pm until 3pm.

"Individuals have the right to lawfully attend events and protest, however we ask that people do so peacefully and respectfully without impacting on the rest of the community."

Last week around 20,000 people took to the streets on Melbourne in a similar rally that shut down transport networks in the city.The rally saw many school kids take the day off from class to walk with adults - something that Premier Daniel Andrews didn't mind.

Year 10 student Julian De Marco told The Age: "Our government is more interested about staying in power than doing something about climate change," he said.

"We have the solutions, we need to start investing in renewable energy."

Extinction Rebellion has been holding rallies and demonstrations across the planet for the past few weeks. One in London lasted 10 days and led to more than 1,000 people being arrested.

Featured Image Credit: Extinction Rebellion Australia/Twitter

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