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Eugenie Bouchard Is Low-Key Hanging With Her Superbowl Date

Eugenie Bouchard Is Low-Key Hanging With Her Superbowl Date

A bloke by the name of John Goehrke was envied around the world after managing to score a date with tennis star Eugenie Bouchard. He teed up a hang-out session with the 23-year-old Canadian after she lost a bet on Twitter about the outcome of the Super Bowl this year.

While plenty of celebrities have made headlines for going on dates with ordinary people, it's almost always a one-off. But it appears that sparks flew between Ms Bouchard and Mr Goehrke - because they've hung out again.


To help the jealous ones out there, there's no word on whether they're hanging out as friends or hanging out, if you catch my drift. The captions she's used don't provide much to go off, with one photo saying: "Look who came to visit me! #superbowltwitterdate."

Another photo uploaded to Twitter has the pair chilling on the couch, with a Snapchat filter of a mistletoe.

Maybe there could be a bit more than just a friendship between the two.

Either way, people on social media seemed pretty impressed that he got a second date.


It all began in February when Eugenie confidently posted on Twitter during the Super Bowl that she 'knew' the Atlanta Falcons would win.

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However, John, being one of the tennis star's 1.54 million followers, commented on the post: "If Patriots win we go on a date?"

When the Falcons eventually lost, she felt like she had to honour the bet and agreed to the date.

But where do you take a tennis player who's ranked 82nd in the world?

Well, after much deliberation, the 23-year-old decided that a casual basketball game would be best and off they went.

However, considering the news of their date was well-known, they weren't able to sneak in, watch some ball and then call it a night without anyone noticing.

Credit: Yes Network/Fox

The Canadian told the Yes Network: "I'm in New York City for Sports Illustrated which came out this morning and I thought why not make the date happen sooner rather than later, there's a Nets game tonight.

"I think it would be a great date idea, probably a less awkward than a one-on-one dinner since I didn't know John."

She did go on a bit of a leap of faith considering John had a picture of Tiger Woods as his Twitter background. But it seems to have paid off because Eugenie described her date as 'normal' - which seems to be a compliment these days.

We'll have to wait and see whether their hang outs continue to be broadcast on social media.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Eugenie Bouchard

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