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Lone Scotland Fan On Estate Full Of England Flags Explains His Plan For If They Win

Lone Scotland Fan On Estate Full Of England Flags Explains His Plan For If They Win

The lone Scotland fan on an estate filled with England flags is hopeful ahead of tonight's Euro 2020 clash

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The only Scotland fan living on an estate in London that is completely bedecked with England flags has told of how he'll go 'f***ing mental' if Scotland manage to defeat the Auld Enemy tonight at Wembley.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have heard how Scotland - playing in their first major tournament since 1998 - are facing off against Gareth Southgate's highly-rated young England side tonight in Euro 2020, and thousands of Scots have descended on the English capital for the occasion.

It's the oldest fixture in international football, and one of the most passionate rivalries in representative sport.

One fan who hasn't had to travel down on the train is Corey Watson, because he already lives in Bermondsey.

This estate, to be precise.

That estate has been getting a lot of attention recently because every single house is covered in English flags, but many spotted that - amongst the St George's Cross decorations - there was one Saltire flying proudly outside one house.

That's where Corey lives with his uncle.

Speaking about his decision to buck the trend and openly support his national team amidst all of the English fans, he explained: "It's f***ing crazy, but it's f***ing class. Everybody knows each other.

"To do it in this area, it took some balls, because it's literally five minutes' walk from Millwall [football club] and at first it was like, 'What's going to happen?' But then everyone has been having a laugh.

"We will go out and we'll sing for Scotland, and they'll sing for England - like, 'God Save the Queen' - but it's been f***ing class."

You can just about make out the one Scotland flag in there.
Martin Dalton/Shutterstock

"It's all banter. Obviously, on Twitter there are some idiots that give grief, but it's not that big a deal in real life. Nobody came up to me and said anything bad.

"It's just having a laugh with the neighbours, it's been really truly unbelievable.

"I didn't think we were going to get such a massive response from it, it's crazy."

He continued: "I was born in Scotland, then my mother passed away and the family moved to London.

"Me and my uncle, we stay together at the house and I put the flag up. He was like, 'F***ing hell, what are you doing?' But it's been a laugh.

"There's one other person that doesn't have an English flag up and it's a Portugal fan, so we all give the England fans a bit of grief."

Speaking of which, Corey spoke about what he'll do if Scotland manage to get the win against the Three Lions on Friday evening.

Corey shared this photo to Twitter captioned: 'It's coming hame'.
LADbible/Corey Watson

"If we win, I'll go out and I'll do a mad celebration and I'll sing a song.

"See, if we win, it's no holds barred - I'm going to go f***ing mental. I'm going to go so crazy, man."

He also promised a video, which should get a few of the neutrals supporting the Scottish cause.

However, he added: "Whenever Scotland are playing, it's all eyes on the house. I'm sure there'll be a few knocks on the door if we lose.

"If we lose, I might have to go stay at my gran's because I'm not sure I could deal with it."

As for the match itself, Corey will be joining the massed ranks of Tartan Army recruits in Hyde Park, which has been declared as a de facto base for travelling fans without match tickets.

No doubt songs will be sung and beverages consumed.

The atmosphere is already building in London, it would seem.
LADbible/Corey Watson

Corey is optimistic, though. He believes they can go into the lions' den and emerge with a result.

"Thing is, I can see Scotland doing well against England because it's been a few years since we played them," he said.

"They scraped a win against Croatia, and they didn't look on top form.

"If Scotland hit them early and hit them with everything, and play the right players, I reckon we can actually beat them."

We'll find out at 8pm this evening.

Featured Image Credit: PA/LADbible/Corey Watson

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