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Apple Reveals How Much It'll Cost To Get The iPhone X's Screen Fixed

Mark McGowan

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Apple Reveals How Much It'll Cost To Get The iPhone X's Screen Fixed

There are plenty of problems that befall the average iPhone user, such as pitiful battery life and shoddy memory.

The delicacy of them is perhaps the most annoying, as although they are aesthetically pleasing, if you drop it you'll probably pick it up to find the entire screen shattered.

No worries though, the Apple store will fix it for you, if you don't fancy being able to afford food for the next six weeks. It's going to be even worse, though, for people who buy the iPhone X.


Credit: Apple

If you do choose to buy Apple's flagship device you'll presumably want it to constantly look spic and span, which means giving it the necessary repair treatment.

The company has revealed that if you want the edge-to-edge screen to be fixed it'll set you back £286.44 ($376.05), reports the Mirror.

If you've got the money to shell out on the X, which starts at £999, then you've probably got more money than sense, which means 300 odd quid isn't that much of a burden.


However, if you're a member of the AppleCare+ insurance program it won't be as much. To be a part of AppleCare+ you have to pay £129 up front for two years of coverage, and will entitle you to a £25 cost to fix things like the screen.

Alternatively you could get one of those all purpose, indestructible case things, that make the phone about twice as big and impossible to fit in your pocket - but hey, it won't break.

Credit: PA


Still, before you even get into this situation, you'll have to get the phone, which is harder than it seems.

The landmark device, which celebrates ten years of the iPhone, isn't even available to the public yet and already there are rumours swimming about that the demand will far outweigh the supply.

Such is the severity of these rumours, it's believed that there won't be enough made to satisfy customers until 2018, according to Indy100.

When asked by BuzzFeed about the possible shortage, Chief Executive Officer of Apple Tim Cook didn't really sugarcoat his reply. He said: "We'll see what happens" - which presumably translates as: "I haven't got a clue, but yeah, probably won't be enough."


He added: "But we'll be working as hard as possible to make as many as possible."

Despite what's become the norm in recent years, with tech fans camping outside Apple stores in a bid to be the first through the doors when the phone goes on sale, Cook says that ordering online or through the company's app is the best way to secure a device.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Mark McGowan
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