Queensland Drivers Can Now Get Numberplates With Emojis On Them

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Queensland Drivers Can Now Get Numberplates With Emojis On Them

Emojis are fast becoming the way that people all across the world communicate with. Those ancient Egyptians thought they were the only ones to speak with pictures and then good ole millennials came along and switched up the game.

But emojis have become so popular that they're now being used on vehicle numberplates in Queensland, Australia.


Yep - you'll soon be able to chuck on an emoji or two on your car in the Sunshine State after authorities realised it's just another way to express yourself.


Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) spokeswoman Rebecca Michael told 7 News Brisbane: "For quite some time we've seen that you can support your favourite team or your favourite town with a symbol on your number plate.

"And using an emoji is no different."

Now, of course people would try and take the piss with this sort of thing but there are rules being put in place to avoid that. You won't be able to adorn your numberplate with an aubergine or smiley turd, instead you'll be allowed a smiley face, laughing face, heart eyes, sunglasses, wink.

You'll have to fork out anywhere from $150 (£82) to $500 (£274) for the new look as well.

Credit: Personalised Plates Queensland
Credit: Personalised Plates Queensland

But they'll strictly be decorative and won't be included on your registration papers, according to

The idea seems to have divided people on the Internet, with some eager to show off their emoji-selves and others who think it's ridiculous.

"Oh yes just what the new age vegan yuppy needs, another bandwagon to climb on," wrote one person.


Another added: "I want this to happen so I can have a laugh at people's number plates on the way to work."

If styling your car with emojis doesn't float your boat well then rest assured that there are more of the little icons coming to your phone.

Everyone was laughing about the 'pinching hand' emoji that people reckon will just be used to shut down unsolicited dick pictures.


We'll also get a yawning face, different people who are deaf, blind and unable to walk. We'll get different skin colours for partnered people, meaning two women, two men or a man and woman of differing skin tones can hold hands now.

We've got two types of service dogs, an otter, flamingo, orangutan, skunk, Jupiter, garlic, dumplings, onion, waffles, ballet shoes, parachuting, a new temple, drop of blood, kite, yo-yo, tuk tuk, and coloured squares.

Featured Image Credit: Personalised Plates Queensland

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