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High-Tech Mattress Lets You Set The Temperature Of The Bed

High-Tech Mattress Lets You Set The Temperature Of The Bed

The bed is able to adjust its temperature throughout the night

Anyone else hate being too warm in the night? Find yourself constantly kicking the covers off or sticking one leg out? Well, this mattress might not be for you but it could work perfectly if your other half loves being snug as a bug in a rug.

The smart mattress controls the temperature on each side of the bed - dynamically warming or cooling according to your needs.

And it can even wake you up using a 'thermo alarm' which adjusts the temperature making the bed gradually and naturally cooler. But does it boot me out of bed and get me dressed? That's the real question, isn't it?

The bed comes at a price.
Eight Sleep

You'd be right if, like me, you were thinking this would be perfect, but it sounds very expensive because the mattresses start at £1,496 ($1,995).

You'd be paying for comfort though, think of this as an investment, a sleeping phenomenon. You'd have four layers, including an 'active grid' that regulates the temperature on both sides.

Put the numbers into perspective - you could knock yourself out by downing a bottle of wine every night for £6 a time. Which would mean 250 bottles later you've spent £1,500.

So for the same price as this jazzy new bed you would have around eight months of good sleep but it's also eight months of stonking headaches to content with. Now the bed makes considerably more sense.

Look how peaceful they look.
Eight Sleep

The system was invented by sleep tech company, Eight Sleep. It includes a pump called The Hub which stores water used to heat or cool the mattress, which is sent through using a pipe.

And if that wasn't advanced enough, you can connect The Hub to your phone using Bluetooth and an app can set the temperature for you with a rage between 12C and 46C.

According to the MailOnline, there are also options to connect your mattress to smart lights and other products - including a coffee maker.

The Hub is full of water which changes the temperature.
Eight Sleep

With the average person sleeping for one-third of their lives - the majority of which is achieved at uni - what are you waiting for?!

The Pod's starting price is £1,496 ($1,995) for a double bed, with queen and king sizes also available at £1,649 ($2,195) and £1,874 ($2,495).

A spokesman for the company told the MailOnline that the bed is not currently available in the UK.

Featured Image Credit: Eight Sleep

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