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Before and after pictures from Turkish plastic surgery clinic have left people in disbelief

Before and after pictures from Turkish plastic surgery clinic have left people in disbelief

People have been left stunned after seeing the images

Social media users have been left blown away after seeing a cosmetic surgeon’s before and after photos.

With cosmetic surgery on the rise - and techniques ever improving - it’s fairly normal now to find photos on social media of people before and after they went under the knife.

But one surgeon in Turkey has left folks in disbelief after showing off what he says are simply the results of multiple surgeries over two years.

In the before the photo, the 68-year-old woman can be seen wearing a purple headscarf and showing off her natural visage, which displayed the usual signs of ageing you’d expect to see on a lady her age.

But then we jump to the after picture - which was purportedly taken after several surgeries - and the woman appears to have lost more than two decades off her face and, let’s be honest, looks like an entirely different person, albeit one who has the same purple headscarf.

People are in disbelief over the images.

Posting the images on Instagram, the surgeon wrote: “Our lovely patient Miss Dilek after two years of rhinoplasty, face lift and blepharoplasty surgeries. I await your comments.”

And he didn’t have long to wait, as the post was soon flooded with comments from people who couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.

One person said: “I definitely must say this is the best transformation I have ever seen to date.”

Another wrote: “She was born again, literally.”

While a third added: “Wow that's crazy. She looks 20 years younger. The rhinoplasty result is really good. Lip filler for sure. But you can still tell it's her.” I personally think her own family would struggle to recognise her, but each to their own.

The surgeon says the staggering difference is the result of several surgeries.

However, not everyone was convinced that the shots were legit.

Another Instagram user said: “Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.”

A fellow-non-believer asked: “It's like mother and daughter, incredible, is this real?”

“This has to be two different people,” another person stated.

Others pointed out that the woman’s eyes appeared to have changed colour between the two shots, but were then reminded that colour contact lenses do, of course, exist.

For anyone considering going under the knife overseas, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (The BAAPS) urges people to consider carefully before making any decisions.

You can find out more about the potential issues and problems, and what you need to consider here.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@drmayaesthetic

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