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Christian Bale Voted The Most Popular Batman Actor Of All Time

Christian Bale Voted The Most Popular Batman Actor Of All Time

The Dark Knight star easily beat some strong contenders to top the charts

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Christian Bale has been overwhelmingly voted the best Batman actor by thousands of LADbible readers on Twitter.

Bale managed to see off some pretty stiff competition to take the title, but triumphed by a large margin in the final against - perhaps surprisingly - Michael Keaton.

So, in the many versions of Batman, eight actors have worn the famous black cowl, or voiced the animated character - Bale, Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Adam West, Olan Soule, and Kevin Conroy.

Whilst Conroy and Soule might not have stood much of chance, having only voiced the cartoon versions of the Caped Crusader, there's still a stellar list to pick from.

Michael Keaton.
Warner Bros.

This all comes from the fact that - for whatever reason - fans of Ben 'Batfleck' Affleck's Batman films have been raving about his performances today.

The whole incident started when a Batfleck stan account shared a Twitter post that read: "TODAY IS THE DAY.

"Let's show @BenAffleck how much we love his Batman, how much that role meant to us and how much we look forward to seeing him back in the cowl."

It would seem that despite being a fairly controversial choice for the role, Affleck still managed to win over an army of fans through his the spins out in the Batmobile.

However, it wasn't nearly enough to see of the challenge of Bale.

The unforgettable Adam West.
20th Century Fox Television

Bale starred in the three films directed by Christopher Nolan that make up the Dark Knight trilogy.

Those films - in particular, the second one - managed to drag Batman into the 21st century, and away from some of the most - let's say - camp appearances on screen that he'd made in the past.

Speaking of which, his final opponent was Michael Keaton, who starred in Tim Burton's effort at the DC superhero's world.

Whilst it was cool, and more than a little bit unnerving, he failed to even land a glove on Bale's husky-voiced portrayal of Bruce Wayne and his Gotham City defending alter-ego.

In the end, Bale garnered nearly 90 percent - 87.7 percent, if you're interested - of the 9,420 votes cast to decide the winner.

That's a pretty decisive result, you'd have to agree.

The Caped Clooney.
Warner Bros.

Keaton emerged as the surprise winner from a group that contained Affleck, Clooney, and Soule, whereas Bale topped the other semi-final featuring West, Kilmer, and Conroy.

Poor old Adam West only got 9.5 percent of the votes, but he definitely walked so that the others could run.

As for the future of Batman, there's a rumoured announcement to be made at DC Fandome in August, so maybe we'll have another contender to add to the next poll.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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