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American Absolutely Butchers Pronunciation Of UK Towns And Cities

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American Absolutely Butchers Pronunciation Of UK Towns And Cities

Why is it that people love Americans mispronouncing the names of UK places? Here's another classic of the genre, as a woman from the US tries to get to grips with some British towns and cities - with pretty incredible results. Watch below:


Tara posted a video to her TikTok channel, @sillylittlekiwi, in which she and boyfriend Luke go through different UK towns and cities. And it seems pretty clear that the joke is very intentionally on her.

Luke put together the list, which includes Derby, Loughborough, Slough, Yeovil and - of course - Worcester.


Ah, good old Worcester. The bane of many a visitor to these shores.

In the clip, Tara stumbles at the first hurdle, pronouncing the 'e' in Derby just like the spelling seems to suggest... but of course, as we all know, it's correctly pronounced 'dar-bee'.

When Luke reveals the truth to Tara, she replies: "I don't know whether I believe you," before pointing out that it 'doesn't have an 'a' in it'.

She's not wrong, to be fair. We're already starting to think the problem here is not Tara, but the English language.

Credit: TikTok/sillylittlekiwi
Credit: TikTok/sillylittlekiwi

Next up, Loughborough takes a few attempts - Tara tries valiantly by pronouncing it 'luff-burrow', 'luv-bro' and 'lug-burrow'.

Similarly to last time, when Luke corrects her, she points out: "There's not a single 'th' in that."

Slough comes after this, and it's pronounced by Tara as a simple 'slog' before she asks: "Is that not it?"


Going by the logic presented by Loughborough, you might be forgiven for thinking Slough should also have a 'th' or an 'f' sound in there somewhere... but it doesn't.

Upon learning the truth, Tara exclaims: "But that doesn't make sense!" Well, at least she's got that right.

Credit: TikTok/sillylittlekiwi
Credit: TikTok/sillylittlekiwi

When it comes to Yeovil, Tara explains how it should have an 'e' sound in there, because of the spelling. Again, we have no justification for that.


When it came to the final pronunciation, Tara confidently says: "I think I know this one." Presumably she's been waiting for it to appear.

However, her confidence swiftly evaporates, as she says: "Worshishure." Smashed it.

Having another go, she nods as she says: "Worstishure." Ah, she's thinking about the county.

Correcting herself, she has another try: "Worsture."


When Luke tells her the real pronunciation, an incredulous Tara asks: "Is that just how you're pronouncing it?"

Who even knows anymore?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/sillylittlekiwi

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Rebecca Shepherd
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