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American Man Living In UK Lists All The Reasons Why It's Better

American Man Living In UK Lists All The Reasons Why It's Better

The guy explains that the UK is 'like a utopia' compared to the United States

An American man has outlined all the reasons why he believes that the United Kingdom is superior to the United States when it comes to quality of living.

Imgur user Chimichanga007 explained how he moved to the UK for work for a couple of years and admitted how he developed 'survivor's guilt after experiencing living in a sane country compared to America'.


Calling the two countries 'night and day' to insinuate they're on opposite sides of the spectrum, he started to explain exactly why.

So here's the list, as written by Chimichanga007:

  • "Free ATMs everywhere. Banks aren't making loot preying on the poor with fees like USA."
  • "Tons of paid holiday at every job."
  • "Public right of way walking paths all over the place."
  • "10 dollar (£7) prescription drugs."
  • "OTC [over the counter] drugs way cheaper."
  • "Modern and plentiful public transit."
  • "Less expensive and better quality fresh veg and meat."
  • "Cops that seem like servants not lunatic power trippers."
  • "Workers take their breaks religiously."
  • "Went to the ER and I got emotional because they treated me like a human being and I wouldn't go into debt. (Getting emotional makes them embarrassed though [sic] so don't recommend)."
  • "Feeling that's hard to explain but imagine you know that everyone you know, your neighbours, random strangers, kids, moms, grannys, everyone you see everyday is covered and can go free to a doctor or ER [emergency room], taking care of each other."

He went on to explain: "I miss you UK and I am coming back when this is all over! I know EU gives you s*** but you're my happy place and have a lot of compassion in your society!

"Tl; dr: If you're not obscenely rich, UK is like a utopia compared to USA.

"Sorry not sorry."

Well, that's that cleared up then.

In response to the thread, one person wrote: "'UK is like a utopia compared to USA' - Germany is like an utopia compared to UK for me. So I left to go back. WOW the USA must be BAD."

Another said: "I liked the UK, so I chose to stay despite opportunities elsewhere, good and bad everywhere, UK has its bad share too unfortunately."

A third commented: "Come down to Australia mate. Same health cover etc but nicer weather and less whinging."

Someone else wrote: "I grew up being told life isn't fair and that's the way it is. Turns out it's American life that isn't fair. I wanna leave."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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