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Angry Driver Whose Path Was Blocked Abused Paramedic Treating A Patient

Angry Driver Whose Path Was Blocked Abused Paramedic Treating A Patient

We would like to think everyone understands and appreciates the job of a paramedic, or anyone in the medical profession for that matter. They do save lives after all.

And when it comes to ambulances travelling on the roads the majority of us have a lot of respect.


Whether it's quickly pulling over, giving way or just generally hoping that everything goes to plan as they pass - it's a bit of a team effort sometimes. Or so you'd hope.

Not according to one man who decided to repeatedly honk his horn and, as if that wasn't enough, verbally abused a paramedic who was mid-way through treating a patient.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Pavel Klim said his crew had no choice but to block the road while they attended an emergency in St Matthew's, Leicester, according to the Mirror.

And sometimes, if this happens, you just have to sit there and just wait for the emergency to be dealt with - because, let's remember, that's what it is.


Pavel said the driver verbally abused him and a colleague, calling them idiots and demanding to get past.

He clearly thought they were blocking the road for the crack, didn't he?

The abuse has been reported to Leicestershire Police.

The paramedic claims he heard a car horn while he was inside a house treating a patient.

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He said: "We needed to get the patient to hospital quickly so we began moving them outside and the driver approached us and started shouting at us to move our vehicle."

Pavel apologised but says the man continued to verbally abuse him.

He added: "He started swearing at us, called me an idiot and was angry because he wanted to get past."

The medic, who worked in the Czech Republic for five years, said he never received abuse from the public at work before coming to the UK.

He continued: "It was a horrible experience, not just for us but for the patient as well. We come to work to help people, not to be abused."

We couldn't agree more.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) Security Team is also investigating the incident which happened on Thursday.

Richard Lyne, general manager for EMAS in Leicester, said abuse of its staff was 'unacceptable' and paramedics deserved respect.

In February, LADbible reported, that a woman wrote an angry note for paramedics, demanding them to move their vehicle from her parking bay.

Let's hope these people never need the emergency care that an ambulance crew provides.

Featured Image Credit: East Midlands Ambulance Service

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