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​Blokes On Stag Do Trick Friend Into Rocking Up As Iron Man

Jess Hardiman

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​Blokes On Stag Do Trick Friend Into Rocking Up As Iron Man

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

A bunch of blokes on a stag do managed to pull off the ultimate prank, having convinced one of the lads that there was a fancy dress theme - meaning he rocked up in full Iron Man regalia while the rest of them downed pints in jeans and t-shirts.


John Lyons and his friends had organised a stag do for his brother, Richard. But rather than picking on the stag - as many mates do - the group decided it would be funnier to turn on the person who had a bit of a history for falling for the odd wind-up.

The group were told to meet at The Looking Glass, a Wetherspoon pub in Warrington, where they kicked things off with a bit of breakfast to set them up for the day.

The thing is, only one of them had been told about a supposed fancy dress theme, meaning he walked straight into their local as none other than Iron Man.

John told LADbible: "It was my brother Richard's stag do, and we all started off at the Wetherspoon's at 10 o'clock in the morning.

"We all convinced one of the lads that it was fancy dress."

Credit: LADbible
Credit: LADbible

Their unassuming victim was their mate Andy, who decided to rock up as the iconic Marvel superhero.

John continued: "We all convinced him on a group chat that it was fancy dress.

"We just told him it was anything - I told him I was coming as Chuck Norris.

"He also thought one of the other lads was coming as Thor, and someone else as Superman, and another as Batman.

"We all chose outfits and we all posted them on the group chat to try and convince him... and it worked."

Credit: LADbible
Credit: LADbible
Credit: LADbible
Credit: LADbible

As the big day rolled around, it seemed that Andy had grown suspicious.

Credit: LADbible
Credit: LADbible

John said: "We were all at the pub waiting, and we thought he'd cottoned on to us and figured it out because while we were at the pub he tried FaceTiming us because he wanted to see what we all looked like.

"But we swerved him and told him we couldn't get a proper internet signal.

"So we told him to hurry up because we were all waiting for breakfast."

Eventually, in walked Andy - who'd gone all out in a full Iron Man outfit. As soon as he clocked the others, he realised what had happened.

Thankfully, Andy was able to see the funny side of the whole thing.

Asked if he was angry with the others, he said: "Well, I was at the time, but I took it as a bit of banter between the boys.

"I felt a bit embarrassed, but all good sport - it's all a bit of a laugh isn't it?"

Andy as Iron Man. Credit: LADbible
Andy as Iron Man. Credit: LADbible

Andy said he's now forgiven them, and admitted it's not even the first time he's fallen for something like this.

He said: "It has happened on a previous stag do... In fact it's happened twice."

And has he finally learnt his lesson?

"I probably have now, yeah," he said, laughing.

John explained that in the end Andy was able to ditch the outfit before they headed into Manchester for the night out, saying: "He went and got changed, took it off. Luckily he had something on underneath, he went and dropped it off where he works round the corner.

"We all keep watching the video now, we keep laughing about it. He thinks it's dead funny."

The stag group. Credit: LADbible
The stag group. Credit: LADbible
The stag, Richard. Credit: LADbible
The stag, Richard. Credit: LADbible

And after starting at 10am, you'd forgive them all for being in bed by dinner time, but Andy said some of them managed to stay out until the small hours.

He said: "I think the final ones of us sloped off about four in the morning.

"There were four of us left - Iron Man never made it through the night, he got off about half 12."

Laughing, he added: "He said he had to go back and recharge his superhero suit."

Fair play to Andy for taking it all in his stride - though here's hoping you won't fall for it again...

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Jess Hardiman
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