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Britain's Largest Family Share Their Amazing Two-Day Garden Transformation

Britain's Largest Family Share Their Amazing Two-Day Garden Transformation

The Radfords have 22 kids, and they've all pitched in to make their garden incredible

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

While most of us have only just about got ourselves in order during the lockdown period, the Radfords - Sue, Noel, and their 22 (twenty-two) kids - have been hard at work transforming their back garden into a summer playground for everyone.

Even better, they managed to get it done in just 48 hours.

Basically, if you think you've been busy during this period, the chances are you've not been as busy as the Radfords - better known as Britain's biggest family.

Yep, in just two days, they managed to transform the area outside their house into a space that includes a large play area, a slide, a swing set, and - whatever this is - a mud kitchen.

YouTube/The Radford Family

There's also a lovely, comfy-looking outdoor lounge area, and the next step is to add a small projector-based cinema area too.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, when you've got a workforce that includes 24 people - although some are probably too young to be of much real help - you can get these things done pretty quickly.

YouTube/The Radford Family

They shared some videos of the completed garden to Facebook after the event, and it seems as if people have been pretty impressed by the fruits of their labour.

One person commented: "Garden looks fab, Sue and Noel you both deserve a hot tub."

Another said: "Well done great teamwork there. So jealous of your garden."

YouTube/The Radford Family

A third wrote: "It's so satisfying seeing the end of a lockdown project. Well done!! The benefits can pay off for all of you now. Enjoy summer!"

To be fair, they're pretty lucky that they've got such a big house, not just because they've got a massive family.

They bought the house in Morecambe around 15 years ago when the family was a bit smaller, but now they're putting it to good use while we're all cooped up.

YouTube/The Radford Family

They recently welcomed their 22nd child to the family back in April, a baby girl called Heidie Rose, who was born on April 3.

Heidie Rose joins her 21 brothers and sisters, with the eldest of those being 31 years old.

However, the lockdown hasn't been entirely plain sailing for the Radford family.

Mum Sue recently told how people have been giving them 'death stares' while they're out walking because there are so many of them.

YouTube/The Radford Family

She said: "It is funny, really.

"We are getting death stares from people. They think we are having a kids' birthday party or something.

"It looks like a small parade. I understand why people might give us looks, but there is nothing we can do."

Well, from now on they can stay in the garden. It looks decent enough.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Radford Family

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