David Attenborough: A National Treasure And Your Granddad All Rolled Into One

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David Attenborough: A National Treasure And Your Granddad All Rolled Into One

With Planet Earth returning after 10 years today, it's time for stoners and documentary-lovers to rejoice.

It's interesting, it's eye-opening and granddad Attenborough is finally back on our screens - what is there not to love?!

The thing is, Sir Dave doesn't get as much love as I believe he should do. Yeah, no-one's got a bad word to say about him, but where's the fan clubs? The parade? The day that's dedicated in his honour? He famously once said that he doesn't like the term 'national treasure', but if he isn't one - who is?!

Here he is on the original Planet Earth, being an absolute legend.


Our Dave's childhood was spent collecting stones, fossils and other natural specimens. He was destined for his future career from day one. The childhood innocence still reflects in his work now, when he talks about nature and animals - there's a gentle twinkle in his eyes. This is one of the main reasons we love him. He's passionate. Is it just me or is that pretty rare these days? The most passion I seem to come across from younger generations is when they're talking about their favourite YouTuber or when they're screaming at Justin Bieber concerts. And outside his hotel. And while they're queuing up. Probably when he brushes his teeth, I don't know. But when Sir Dave's on the screen and he shouts 'BOO' at a sloth, you know you've got a man who fucking loves what he does. That's rare and it's bloody charming.

You may not know this, but David Attenborough married his true love in 1950 when he was in his mid-twenties. They were married for 47 years until her death in 1997. He's never re-married and instead says that his work keeps him busy. He told the Express that he does still sometimes get lonely. In his memoir, he put: "The focus of my life, the anchor had gone... Now I was lost."


Sir David Attenborough with wife Jane in 1991. Credit: PA

Holy crap can we just make a David Attenborough Day already?!

He was once asked what he would have done if he hadn't have got into TV and he replied that he would've liked to have been a teacher. If that doesn't strike up an image of you learning science from him with a warm glow in your belly then you're not human.

Sir Dave is like your granddad. I've said this before and I'll say it again. He's a good man. He's knowledgeable . He's kind-hearted and he can tell you great stories. I reckon if you checked his pockets, there would be a picture of his wife, kids and grandkids and a load of Werther's Original.


Dave, I know you don't like being referred to as a national treasure. You're humble. I like that. But you have a place in all of our hearts.

Long live the Attenbomb.

Featured image credit: PA Images

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