Disabled Woman Told To 'F*ck Off' After Asking Couple For Seat On Train

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Disabled Woman Told To 'F*ck Off' After Asking Couple For Seat On Train

A disabled woman has claimed that she was told to 'fuck off' by a couple after she asked for their seat on a train.

Reportedly, they also dubbed her as a 'scrounger' in the humiliating attack.

Paula Peters, 45, from Bromley, suffers from chronic pain as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. She got on at London Bridge and was heading to Hastings at around 3.30pm on Monday.

Speaking to the Standard, she explained: "I was on my way home from a hospital appointment and asked the couple if I could sit down because I was in chronic pain.


"But they just laughed at me. The woman said to me 'how do we know you're disabled' before adding 'fuck off, you're a scrounger'.

Continuing, she said how the incident had made her feel: "I felt very vulnerable and I hate that word but that is what is happening. Why do I have to wear a badge or have a card to prove my disability. I feel like we have gone back in time."

She posted the picture to Facebook but was subject to a whole host of negative comments, so took it down.

How anyone can have a go at her is beyond me, the couple were in the priority seats. If you sit there, you know that you have to get up if someone who needs it more than you needs to sit down. Can't believe what I'm reading.


A Southeastern spokesperson told Metro: "Southeastern has priority seating for passengers who for a range of reasons, whether they may be elderly, pregnant or perhaps have a disability, cannot stand and are in need of a seat.

"We do kindly ask that people look out for fellow passengers and give up their seats if they can, to those in greater need.

"We know that it may not be always be obvious that someone is in need of a seat, or that some people feel uncomfortable to ask, so we do provide Priority Seating cards which can be shown to other passengers on board."

So, yeah, if someone asks you for your seat and you're in a priority one - move. Some disabilities aren't visible. Just do it and save yourself looking like an idiot.


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