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Teens Taken To Police Station After Being 60p Short For Taxi Fare

Michael Minay

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Teens Taken To Police Station After Being 60p Short For Taxi Fare

Two teenage girls from Staffordshire found themselves at loggerheads with a taxi driver when they were 60p short for a fare after a night out.

The Snapchat story, posted by one of the girls after enjoying a night out in Newcastle-under-Lyme, shows them being locked inside the taxi and driven to a police station.

The two girls can be heard laughing in the back of the cab once the taxi driver refused to let them leave without paying in full.


After trying to explain that they had come up short for the £6.80 fare, the frustrated man decided to take action and lock them in the car.

Following further argument, the driver decided to take Sophie Heath and Yeva Wilcox, both 18, to the local cop shop.

The girls, both finding it hilarious, put their adventures on social media.


On Twitter, Yeva wrote: "Just as I thought life couldn't get any weirder last nite [sic] we got taken the police station cuz [sic] we were 60p short 4 the taxi."

The pair on the video can be heard saying: "We have to pay 60p? Why is he being so serious over 60p?"

The driver, totally unamused by the whole situation, can even be heard asking if one of the girls' parents could be woken up to help settle the bill.


Sophie told LADbible that the driver added that he would die without that 60p, or asked for 'something else in exchange'.

Sophie explained: "I found it funny at the time because me and Yev couldn't believe how extreme he was being over 60p.

"We said if he gave us his number we'd drop it off. But thinking back too it could have been a lot worse."


According to the pair, the police 'weren't bothered' and they ended up being kicked out of the cab about a 20-minute walk from Miss Heath's home.

Whereas it was, arguably, the driver who has come off worse here, there are times when the roles are reversed and it's the cabbies who are the hard done to.

Earlier this year, an Uber driver recorded the abuse he'd received from one customer - so extreme it was, that she threatened to make a rape claim against him... even though he'd done nothing wrong.

Not getting her own way, she launched into: "You not doing nothing, call the fucking cops. Fuck outta here, I'm gonna tell them you hit me.


"I will spit on your face."

Thankfully, Uber saw the video which went viral and offered him a lifetime supply of phone charges, and an undisclosed sum of money.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

Topics: Police, newcastle, Taxi

Michael Minay
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