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Valet Takes Car Out For A Spin To Maccies While Owner Flies To Slovakia

Valet Takes Car Out For A Spin To Maccies While Owner Flies To Slovakia

The driver reportedly went on a two-and-a-half hour drive, spanning 120 miles, but got caught out by the car's dashcam

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Depending on what type of establishment they might work at, some valet drivers would come across some pretty snazzy cars.

Imagine seeing a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin approaching before the driver hands you the keys and warns you not to scratch the paint.

To be honest, I would be sweating big time if I had to park one of those bad boys.

But one valet driver thought instead of chucking a car into one of the parking spaces, they'd take it out for a casual 126-mile journey.

The owner of the BMV 5 Series only realised his beauty was taken for a spin when he came back and checked the dashcam footage.

Tomas Gogh

Tomas Gogh checked his Beemer into a valet garage service at Stansted before flying to Slovakia for five days to see friends and relatives.

The 29-year-old was suspicious when he saw the extra mileage on his speedometer and found someone had taken it upon themselves to enjoy his vehicle, knowing Tomas would be away for nearly a week.

Mr Gogh has told the Mirror: "They took my car for a two-and-a-half hour drive and left it on the roadside for some of the time.

"It was used for numerous airport pick-ups and drop-offs, for personal use and parked unattended in different locations throughout the day.

PA. Stanstead Airport

"They left mud in my car and used it for their own purpose. What made me really angry is you expect it to be parked securely."

That would make any car owner fairly pissed off, but all Tomas demanded was £20 ($27) for the valet bill and £65 ($88) to realign the wheels.

Stansted SVS Meet and Greet has reportedly sacked two drivers, saying they have a zero-tolerance policy towards people taking customers' cars out for a cheeky spin.

It's not an isolated incident in the valet industry, with a motorist stunned that his five-month-old Audi S3 was driven nearly triple the speed limit in November.

In virtually the exact same circumstances as Mr Gogh, Sean Beckerleg checked his car into Gatwick Airport's meet and greet service before flying to Portugal, reports the Daily Mail.

Little did the valet driver know that Sean's car has a dashcam that can broadcast to his phone wherever he is in the world.

He was fuming when he watched the Audi blast to 70mph in a 30 zone and then 131mph in a 50 area.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail

Featured Image Credit: Tomas Gogh

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