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New ‘Your Face Or Mine’ Makes Bloke Pick Between Ex and Current Girlfriend

New ‘Your Face Or Mine’ Makes Bloke Pick Between Ex and Current Girlfriend

Ben pauses a bit too long when he's asked the ultimate question and the audience doesn't agree with him

You'd never openly admit who you think is more attractive between your current partner and your ex because that type of admission could usually cause a bit of a stir. That's why everyone stays a bit hush-hush on the topic - except for those who think it's a good idea to go on Your Face or Mine?

Credit: Comedy Central UK/Your Face Or Mine?

Ben went on the Comedy Central Show with his current girlfriend Harriet, maybe as a way of testing their relationship. While most people might think their first overseas holiday or moving houses is a good testing ground, this couple thought going on national telly to have their sexual history revealed was a better option.

The hosts, Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan, brought out Ruth, who had a fling with Ben six years ago when they met on holiday. She revealed that they met up a few times after the overseas trip, with Ben saying that they ended things on 'good terms'.

Harriet couldn't have raised her eyebrows higher after that statement.

Woman on Your Face or Mine?
Woman on Your Face or Mine?

Credit: Comedy Central UK/Your Face Or Mine?

Jimmy even stepped in and said: "Maybe not good to go on about that.

"It's nice sometimes if you're talking to someone, if you bump into an old girlfriend and go 'oh god why did we ever stop going out?' But sometimes when your current girlfriend's there, I think it's sometimes a nice idea to go, 'Alright'."

Very cheekily, the comedian then added: "I really don't want to make things awkward for Ben but just quickly, off the top of your head, who's hotter?"

Ben awkwardly pauses, before saying: "Obviously my missus, but I'm not going to say [Ruth] is bad looking."

But when it was the audience's turn to choose who was more attractive, it was an overwhelming result in Ruth's favour - 79 percent in fact. Harriet chucks on a brave face as she has to come to terms with the idea that only one fifth of the crowd reckon she's a looker.

Credit: Comedy Central UK/Your Face Or Mine?

However, the tables were turned during the show and Harriet's ex-boyfriend was brought on the couch. Harriet was asked who was hotter and she very easily replied that it was 'obviously' her partner Ben and called him a 10 out of 10 every time.

Unfortunately for Ben, the audience didn't see it that way and 70 percent of them voted for Chris.

You'd have to be pretty confident in your relationship to put it through an ordeal such as this. But it's always funny, yet cringe-worthy when one simple answer causes a tiny crack in a solid foundation.

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central UK/Your Face Or Mine?​

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