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Jay Is The Best Character In 'The Inbetweeners', Here's Why

Jay Is The Best Character In 'The Inbetweeners', Here's Why

It's been almost 10 years since the first ever episode of The Inbetweeners graced our screens and gave us some of the best one-liners of any sitcom.

The Inbetweeners was pretty much all of us growing up in the UK: awkward, on the outside looking in, desperate and just a bit stupid. It was so quintessentially British that when the US brought out its own remake, it flopped. I guess 'bus wanker' doesn't translate across the pond.


Credit: Channel 4/The Inbetweeners

When it comes to the best character, that's a difficult one, but I reckon I've got it right.

OK, let's all agree Simon is worst - whiny, always banging on about Carly (and then Tara) and just being generally boring.


Will follows Simon in third place, obviously, he's funny but imagine being his friend in real life, actually imagine that. He'd do your head right in.

Neil is in second place, purely for his one-liners, but, for me, top spot has to go to Jay.

Disagree? Check this out:

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The best thing about Jay is that there's a Jay in every single friendship group, you're thinking of the one in yours right now, aren't you?

He tells you he learnt to drive a car at 11, he's slept with loads of women you've never met, and he trials for Man United/Liverpool/Chelsea/whichever big club is nearest where you live.

At some point, either you or one of your mates will tire of the lies and end up snapping. Like Simon does in the Inbetweeners Movie, which led to one of the best fight scenes in cinematic history.

The constant lies, the overuse of the phrase 'simples' when everyone else has stopped saying it, the fact he thinks he can do anything (like ride a motorbike or become a model) - there really is no competition.

Jay is absolutely the best character and I've got my fingers crossed they do another series so we can see how things turned out for the LAD.

'Completed it, mate.'

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/The Inbetweeners

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