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​Greggs Trolls Us All With A Full English Bake

​Greggs Trolls Us All With A Full English Bake

Greggs could probably wrap an old boot in some puff pastry and we'd all be queueing up outside to get a taste of its latest bake.

But they recently tweeted a photo of something that looked particularly delectable.


That's right, kids. A Greggs full English bake. Like the famed steak bake, but inspired by the nation's glorious fry-up, commonly comprising a combination of eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, tomatoes, hash browns, black or white pudding, mushrooms and fried toast.

That's pretty much peak Greggs.

But it turns out the folk at Greggs are the biggest trolls of them all, later admitting that the Full English Bake is not actually a thing - much to the dismay of drooling Brits up and down the country.


Why? Why would they put such a wonderful thing out there, only to take it away? It would mean a full English on the go, a fry-up with added puff pastry - both of which are undeniably great prospects.

However, there could be some hope, as the bakery later tweeted to say: "Who knows what the future could hold?"

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Non-committal, but also not a total write-off. We'll take it.

There were no details on what's actually inside the mythical bake, but from the picture we can see bacon and baked beans poking out from the pastry. We'd imagine there would be a sausage or two in there, too, to complete the holy trinity of breakfast items. Perhaps some kind of egg, though that's decidedly harder to stuff into a pasty. Oh man, imagine if they found some way to incorporate a hash brown?

Greggs stores up in Scotland could add some tattie scones and Lorne sausages, while Irish equivalents would have the added bonus of soda farls or potato bread.

We can only but dream.

In the meantime, we'll just have to take a leaf out of this guy's book and eat everything else that's on the menu.

'Professional eater' Adam Moran popped into a Greggs store and ordered over 30 items, filming himself eating for his YouTube channel 'Beard Meets Food'.

Adam's wonderful meal contained an impressive 11,449 calories, 284 grams of protein, 1,229g of carbs and a whopping 603g of fat - and he somehow managed to scoff the lot in under 30 minutes.

Thirty-two-year old Adam said: "It was a piece of cake, as in literally: some of the items were pieces of cake. But then again I do this for a living, so the challenge was easier for me."

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