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Google Street View Exposes Card Being Used At McDonald's Drive-Thru

Google Street View Exposes Card Being Used At McDonald's Drive-Thru

A TikTok account shared the video which showed the customer's card (without the details of course)

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment Google Street View captured a customer's bank card being used at the McDonald's Drive-Thru:

TikTok account @googlemapsfun shared the clip on their page which showed the person (presumably the Google employee) sticking their arm out of the window to pay.

If you've never seen one, the Google Maps cars have a big camera on top and they're driven around areas to capture up-to-date footage.

Only this driver forgot to turn the camera off (if you even can) when they got a bit peckish and decided to stop off at the fast food restaurant in Poppleton, York.

The person who spotted it has videoed the moment, getting to the McDonald's Drive-Thru before tapping on a few different spots until they get the card.


The 15 second clip - which has been watched by nearly three million people - was shared alongside the caption: "Google leaking their credit card at McDonald's."

It seems like people thought they would get the details to the card which is slightly worrying when it comes to their openness to commit identity theft.

One person wrote: "Lmao that's the back of the card not the front where it shows the numbers don't fool us."

Another added: "Or just steal someone's card it's not that hard."


Someone else informed people: "Sorry to be the killjoy, but you need the card number, expiry and CVC code. Good luck!"

Others were just impressed that the Google Maps car had been at 'their' McDonald's.

It seems Google drivers really do capture some juicy stuff. Admittedly the best usually include alien conspiracies, or demonic figures.

One Google Earth enthusiast came across the latter while they were scrolling through in search of something creepy.


The original poster simply captioning the video with a suggestion of 'Pennywise?' others had their own idea of what the sunglasses wearing figure is.

One person wrote: "Yo that's my grandpa I've been searching for him for days, thanks man."

While another added: "That is my sister when she don't have makeup." Not very nice.

A third explained: "Dude THAT'S LITERALLY PART OF THE BRIDGE THOSE EYES ARE BOLTS." Alright, now we feel stupid.

Trying to explain the set up, another person said: "That's Ithaca, NY. Cornell and Ithaca College are there. Probably just a student prank."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/googlemapsfun

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