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Guy Sucks Bottle On Ring Camera Unaware Mate's Mum Is Watching Him

Guy Sucks Bottle On Ring Camera Unaware Mate's Mum Is Watching Him

James Bowes was mortified when his friend's mum replied telling him she could see him deep throating the beer bottle

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This could quite possibly be the funniest video you're going to watch all year - ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment a guy realised his mate's mum was watching him on the front door Ring camera:

James Bowes, 20, always does 'something funny' when he gets to the home of Harry Cassells, but this time he took things up a notch when he started pulling a strikingly odd face followed by sucking the neck of a bottle.

That was until Harry's mum spoke through the front door camera.

Usually, a Ring camera would be used to look out for thieves, direct posties to leave your parcel in the blue bin or let the window cleaner know you're out. But this time, it was to tell her 20-year-old son's pal that she could see his bizarre antics.

Speaking from her phone, Harry's mum said: "We can see you," before laughing hysterically.

Mortified James told Harry: "I was doing weird things for Harry could see... I was doing weird things in there [points at camera] so you could see and she's just seen them... mate you should have seen what I was doing."


The pair, from Newcastle, spoke to LADbible after the video started going viral on Twitter.

James, a machinist, said: "The easiest way to explain what happened was I was going to Harry's for a few beers and I knew he had one of those Ring door bells but didn't realise his mam could see it live what I was doing which made it awkward.

"Harry's mam wasn't home luckily but she saw everything through the Ring door bell. Harry said she laughed about it but I refuse to meet her face to face as I'm now scarred for life."

Explaining his choice of action, James added: "I was trying to think of the weirdest thing I could do off the top of my head." Well you got it there, LAD.

Harry (L) and James (R).
Harry Cassells

Harry added: "[My mum] was out at the time watching on her phone. She finds it hilarious.

"Whenever he comes to the door he always does something daft to the camera but my mam was watching this time."

When Harry posted the video on Twitter, he wrote: "Loving the ring doorbell, he didn't realise me motha could see."

Up to now it's received nearly 5,000 likes with over 500 retweets. One person commented on the clip: "I think I'd have to walk back home after that from the embarrassment."

Another added: "And still ye let him in the house," while a third wrote: "What a belta hahahahha."

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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