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LADs Share Effective Way To Drink In Gale Force Winds

LADs Share Effective Way To Drink In Gale Force Winds

They came up with the idea on a walk over Malvern Hills in Worcestershire

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

With the UK's famously unpredictable weather doing its best to mess with our heads, it's tricky to know what conditions you'll face when you're trying to plan a sesh. Luckily these LADs have come up with a solution, just in case we find ourselves sat outside the boozer in gale force winds:

The group of mates filmed the inventive concept while on a walk over Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, UK.

Quite reasonably, they decided to take some beers to drink along the way.

But upon realising how severe conditions were, they came up with a novel approach to boozing that could prove useful for us all.

In the clip, a member of the group - Tom Bulpitt - begins to tip the bottle as if it's going to be poured directly into someone's mouth.

Pal Josh Lawson can then be seen a foot or two away from the tilted bottle with his mouth wide open - catching the beer that's being poured out.



The science behind the idea was to pour the bottle in the right direction for the wind to take the sweet, sweet nectar right into Josh's chops - and it worked, sort of. Fair play to them.

While it's a creative way of doing things, it's safe to say the beer didn't exactly go right into Josh's mouth - no wonder he kept his eyes tightly closed.

Instead of there being a steady flow, the lager was spraying all over the show, in similar scenes to those we're accustomed to when a Formula 1 driver gets their mitts on a bottle of champers.

Full marks for effort and innovation, however. Good job, LADs.

Today (12 April) is the big day for pubs (with outside areas only) to open their doors gates once again as coronavirus rules ease across the UK.

To the PUB.

Some people have taken today's reopening very seriously indeed, with one guy even camping outside his local in order to get the first pint pulled.

One lad, who goes by the name of Urwin, pitched his tent outside the Pilgrim's Progress in Bedford, in the hope of getting in as soon as the Wetherspoon establishment opened.

According to his friend Callum, the pub isn't taking bookings for their outside area, which means in order to get the first bevvy someone had to take one for the team.

Urwin got himself a Union Jack pillow alongside a sleeping bag and the all-important four cans of Fosters. We're not sure whether the latter is to warm him up, use as pre-drinks or for his breakfast. Either way, it shows commitment.

Featured Image Credit: CONTENTbible

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