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Haunted Woods That Leave People Crying And 'Wanting To Kill'

Haunted Woods That Leave People Crying And 'Wanting To Kill'

The spooky woods in Essex are home to a number of spirits, according to a group of mediums

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

If you fancy having the s*** scared out of you, then why not take a trip to these haunted woods in Essex, which are said to be so spooky they drive people to cry and drives others to 'want to kill'?

Cash's Well, in Langdon Hills Country Park near Basildon, has had ghost sightings since 1924, as such it's a popular spot for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, who claim that the area is infested with spirits.

Ghost hunters say the area is infested with spirits.
Essex Live

A reporter from Essex Live recently paid the area a visit alongside a group of ghost hunters who say the deserted well is frequented by a number of otherworldly entities including a man in uniform, a woman up to 20 children. Crikey.

Ghost hunter Russell Old told Essex Live that when they take people on tours of the spooky area, he invites the ghosts over to interact with people. That's a massive 'nope' from me.

"We get our guests to stand there and the children will come and hold their hands," Russell said.

"We'll get them to pull on the guests' fingers, two for a boy or one for a girl, and they'll get that physical sensation."

The well was built in the 1900s by a man called Edwin Cash who wanted to bottle up and sell the mineral-rich water - but a few years after launching his business it went under. He died in 1931, but mediums say Mr Cash's spirit remains at the well.

The group hold seances near the well and Russell says things get pretty scary.

"We all stand up, hold hands and draw the energy in," he explained.

People have been left in tears after taking part in ghost tours in the area.
Essex Live

"We've had people's noses going down that well after being pushed over, and we've had the whole group pushed out the door.

"We've had people who come here, do not believe us, and they've got their noses touching the floor. People stand there saying 'why are my hands moving?'.

"They're trying to push it down but they can't, then all the hands are in the air.

"On the other side through the bushes, it's a bit sinister, you see a lot of light anomalies. A lot of it is psychological but you'll get a lot of people who don't want to stand with their backs to the window or by the door."

Things get even darker over near a bridge in the woodland, with Russell saying even the experienced group refuse to go near.

"There's a bridge that we very rarely go to because it's dark and sinister," Russell claimed.

The abandoned well is a hot spot for spooks, according to mediums.
Essex Live

"We also had a guy who was seven feet tall, stocky, broad, and he was the nicest guy you'd ever spoken to, but we took him up to the top of the hill and he got so aggressive.

"The others were telling me that he wasn't right and he'd never spoken to anyone like that. He was cursing and throwing his arms around, so we had to turn him around. He wasn't under attack, he was just feeling the energy.

"We had to talk to him to get him out and all of a sudden he came back to us. He said 'I just wanted to kill everybody'. You do worry, you could see his hands and he was really containing something."

Other people have been left in tears after their ghostly interactions - but if none of that puts you off, you can check out Essex Ghost Hunters Facebook page here.

Featured Image Credit: Essex Live

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