Couple Who Managed To Buy Four-Bed House At 22 And 24 Reveal How

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Couple Who Managed To Buy Four-Bed House At 22 And 24 Reveal How

For most of us the idea of buying at 22 or 24 is as realistic as buying a flying car, or an iPhone charger that doesn't break after two weeks, but one couple have managed just that.

And no, before you ask, they're not mega-rich, either. In fact, Shanine Land and Darren Noble managed to get themselves a four-bedroom, detached house costing £263,000 despite having 'bog standard jobs'.

The couple, from Devon, have been together eight years and told Devon Live that even while they were still at college they dreamed of owning their own place one day. Now, the couple say they've landed themselves a mortgage which they'll have paid off in 20 years - although they could pay it off in just 13.

Shanine told the paper she now wants other people her age to know that home ownership is a possibility.


Credit: Devon Live

She said: "A lot of people I know they've got cars, phones, gym memberships, credit cards, but the only outgoings we've had is the gym and phone payments nothing else.

"People reading this may think we have high paid jobs but I work in retail. It goes to show you can save money and get a mortgage in a bog standard job.


"I know Darren has a skilled job but you can do any job and get a mortgage. We both started on minimum wages and when we were saving we both had standard pay jobs."

Their new home is in need of some refurbishment, but the couple are planning to do most of it themselves - Darren is a plumbing and maintenance engineer, so that's handy.

He said: "I've always been a saver. I hate spending money. The problem with most people is they don't understand the value of money. Say something is £100, some will say 'that's cheap I can buy that' but I look at it differently.


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"I look and ask, 'how many hours have I got to work to get that?'. If you're on £7 an hour that's a couple of days' worth of work that I have to do to get that item."

He went on to say that many people get a flash car, even if they can't afford it, getting it on finance, something which he feels 'doesn't pay in the long run'.

Rather than moving in together and renting, the couple lived at home and saved - opening a joint bank account just over a year ago.


They also recommend downloading a budgeting app to help you see where your money is going and be prepared to shop around for the best saving accounts and mortgage deals.

Despite their frugal-ways, Shanine and Darren say they still enjoy the odd night out with friends, but don't splash out on holidays.


Shanine added: "Other people our age will say 'I'm young, I'm free, I want to do this' and then worry about buying a house later. We've got a 20 year mortgage plan so we'll be in our 40s when our mortgage is paid."

Fair play to them.

Sources: Devon Live

Featured Image Credit: Devon Live

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