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Key Worker Who Saved Policeman's Life Wins £1 Million On EuroMillions

Key Worker Who Saved Policeman's Life Wins £1 Million On EuroMillions

Anthony Canty gave the police officer CPR when he collapsed on a bus in Essex

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A key worker who helped to save a police officer's life when he collapsed on a bus has thanked 'karma' after winning £1 million on the EuroMillions.

Anthony Canty, 33, gave the policeman CPR after he collapsed on a bus in Essex during the coronavirus lockdown back in April.

Anthony with his partner Katie Sullivan.

The father-of-two from Maldon in Essex has been working for Ashford Environmental Services, helping to maintain the water quality for hospitals and care homes in central London.

Anthony has now told the police officer, whose life he helped save on the bus coming home from work, about the win.

He told the Evening Standard that the policeman said that 'good karma happens to good people'.

Explaining what happened back in April, Mr Canty said: "We were just on our way home one evening, just talking and he just dropped down... in my lap."

Anthony, who is first aid trained, worked with the 999 operator to save the police officer's life.

The National Lottery

The unnamed officer was airlifted to hospital where he spent five days in intensive care.

Anthony stayed in touch with the officer's partner to get updates on his progress while he was in hospital. He dropped fruit and flowers off and stayed in touch with the officer throughout his recovery.

Anthony's partner, Katie Sullivan, who has been in a relationship with the key worker for 12 years said: "He said that Anthony's part of his family now. He said he's forever grateful as if it weren't for Anthony he wouldn't be here today. It's just amazing."

Anthony rang his girlfriend - who he shares two daughters aged eight and five with - to tell her that he had won on the lottery after checking his National Lottery app on the train to work.

Initially he thought he'd won £100,000 ($120,000) and said: "I called Katie to tell her the good news but she wouldn't believe me and thought I was winding her up, so I gave her the numbers to check for herself.

"I heard her log on and then she started screaming, and said 'You div, it's one million, we're millionaires, you have to come home'."

Mr Canty ended up taking the day off work to enjoy a bottle of prosecco in the garden before letting his family and friends in on the good news.

According to the Evening Standard, Mr Canty plans to continue working which usually means he has to a commute by train in to London and take the Tube, though in recent weeks he has been catching an earlier service so there is less contact with other people.

He has started planning what he's going to do with the win, saying: "Although I will be taking some time off when it's safe to fly again so we can take the girls to Disneyland.

"We may think about moving to a new house in the future but our main priority is to invest the money wisely so that our girls will be financially secure."

Featured Image Credit: The National Lottery

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