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Kopparberg Has Just Launched A New Range Of Drinks For Summer

Kopparberg Has Just Launched A New Range Of Drinks For Summer

It's like they know we can only drink at home...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Our options are limited at the moment when it comes to where we can go for a bev. It's been strictly narrowed down to the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or garden... bathroom if you must.

We're getting excited about weekly quizzes, the sound of a tinny opening doesn't make us think about our hangovers quite as much (because we have no plans) and as if by magic, Kopparberg has just released a new range for us to try.

Surprisingly, Kopparberg's latest offering isn't a cider but hard seltzer... what tf is that?! we hear you asking us. It's an alcoholic sparkling water - think vodka, lime and soda-esque.

You might now be thinking 'nope, not for me' but the minds behind this new range have promised that there has been 'zero compromise on taste'. Which sounds promising, right?

Coming in three flavours - Mixed Berries, Black Cherry and Passionfruit - the brand new range is said to be a hit of bold, fruity refreshment. Ideal for lazy weekend afternoons or as a refreshing post-gardening treat.

The website says that the new bevvies have been 'expertly produced to the same high standard you've come to expect', going on to explain that the drinks will be five percent ABV, 93 calories a pop, carb and gluten free and vegan friendly.

The cans will be available in three flavours.

Rob Salvesen, the Head of Marketing, said: "Kopparberg is here to redefine the Hard Seltzer by putting flavour front and centre.

"Each can is expertly made with our drinkers in mind, to ensure we give them the refreshing, fruity flavour they've come to expect from Kopparberg, whilst delivering all the clean, low-cal promises of a Hard Seltzer.

"Wherever we are this summer, Kopparberg Hard Seltzer is here to offer up something different, and, true to our brand values, there is no subtlety and absolutely no compromise on taste."

Kopparberg's hard seltzer range is available in Tesco and Morrisons stores from the end of May. Bring. It. On.

Featured Image Credit: Kopparberg

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