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Man Builds Pub In Garage Just In Time For New Year's Eve

Man Builds Pub In Garage Just In Time For New Year's Eve

He's turned his garage into a traditional pub and it looks amazing

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Going out on New Year's Eve is its own punishment - crowds of people, having to pay to go to your local and the 3am struggle to get a taxi home - but it's also the one night of the year when you know you should go out and have fun.

So, whattaya going to do? Well, next year you could do what Anthony McNamara has done and make your very own pub in your garage.

The pub is all ready for New Year's Eve.

The 35-year-old, from Oldham, has spent months and around £2,000 ($2,500) transforming his old garage into the perfect local pub, the Hooped Owl - a cute little reference to Oldham Athletic and Celtic football teams.

The Hooped Owl has everything you could want from a pub, including a couple of draft beers - currently Coors Light and an ale from Worsthorne Brewery - a dartboard, flat screen telly and some traditional pub snacks. There's even a bell for last orders.

Anthony carried out all the work himself and its now finally ready to open, just in time for New Year's Eve.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Anthony said: "It started quite a few years ago. I was watching a reality show about a family who built their own pub.

Owner Anthony McNamara has dreamed of having a pub in his gaff for years.

"It became a mini dream but one that I've never been able realise because our house was always too small."

But when he and his family moved to Blackburn in 2017, Anthony knew it was his chance.

The home came with a separate garage, which would provide the perfect space, so Anthony got stuck in and started the transformation.

"The garage had been converted into a bedroom but it needed a lot of work," he added.

"I really wanted a really traditional old school pub and I think I've done an okay job of recreating that.

"I originally didn't expect to spend £2,000 but I think it's all right. I'm very proud of the carpet - it's a very authentic old school carpet and it took a while to source the wallpaper. People bought me stuff too.

"My mum got me the bell."

Once people heard about his unusual project, Anthony says they began offering him football memorabilia for his walls.

And he was quick to heap praise on pal Damien Hindle who helped him out.

"I could never have done it all without my friend Damien Hindle.

"He also converted his garage into a pub and was instrumental in giving me advice, putting me in touch with breweries and directing me in how to install beer lines and coolers.

Imagine never ever having to hear 'last orders'.

"Damien was my first guest. We gave it a very thorough christening.

"Life is short and can be grim, do whatever makes you happy. For me, it was turning my garage into a boozer."

Sounds good to me, mate.

Featured Image Credit: Manchester Evening News

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